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zhow do you beat wimpy wonderland island on poptropica

Main Street and Surrey Street 1) Arrive on the island. Talk to Greg Heffley, to find that school is canceled but that his parents are away and his little brother Manny has run off. Follow him left, back to his house (Surrey St.)
2) Investigate the house and get the Address Book and the page from Greg's Journal. You cannot enter the garage where older brother Rodrick is practicing. Greg is again preoccupied with a video game (Twisted Wizard).
3) Enter Manny's room and exit through the window. Follow his footprints to the left, across the rooftops, to Rowley Jefferson's house, where Rowley says that Manny took his rumble bike. The bike tracks lead to the right again.
4) Catch up to Manny, and he leaves the bike for you to pick up, and climbs a tree. Follow him up the branches until he reaches the top and jumps right, landing on top of the kid's snowman. Pick up the snowman's carrot nose.
5) Chase Manny right to the school scene.

6) In the top of the tree to the right of the school, you will find a paper with Greg's locker combination (Manny may have dropped it.)
7) To follow Manny into the school, you have to use the round garbage can and the seesaw (teeter-totter). Push the can onto the left side of the seesaw, then carefully climb to the right side. If you jump up and land again on the seesaw, the can is thrown to the school building ledge, and you can slide it farther left to jump from, to enter. Chase Manny to the first floor. (You can also jump from the tree after getting the combination, if you already moved the can.)
8) As you read on his journal page, Greg's locker is supposed to be 5 lockers from Holly Hill's, while Chirag Gupta's locker, with a cut lock, is only 2 away. This is an error by the artists. Greg's locker is 5 from Chirag Gupta's and 7 from Holly Hill's, making it the 8th locker overall from the left. At any rate, it is the only one you can open.
9) Go to the locker and turn the dial. As you reach each number, it automatically turns back the other way. Get the Twisted Wizard guide and leave the school.

Leisure Towers (South Street)
10) Go right from the school and you are on South Street , where Grammie Heffley and Grandpa Heffley have separate condos. Neither will answer their door (Grandpa is asleep). Climb the outside of the building and up to the window at Grandpa's, which is 33-C (* if you stay on the far right of each of the ledges for the C windows, you can climb without being hit at all).
11) Talk to Grandpa Heffley, and he has you share his watercress salad for lunch. You must rapidly click on your avatar to keep from throwing up the salad. (see glitch below)
12) You will see Manny on the security monitor feed. He has swiped a motorized chair from a resident.
13) Exit at right and take the elevator to the lobby (L). Go out and right to Whirley Street.

Whirley Street
14) The four teenage hoodlums are pelting you with snowballs. Dodge them and get the snow shovel (* if you jump up while being hit, the snowballs can knock you up onto the building, and you can jump across to the house).
15) Head back to the left, all the way to Greg's house.

Greg's House and Surrey Street
16) Go to where Greg is playing the video game. Click "examine" on the game guide to show him how to win. Then click on the TV monitor he's using and you will play the game.
**Beating Twisted Wizard - on the game Start screen, click the Wizard to enter easy Mode. Use the blocks to surround your Wizard, which can be roated with the spacebar. Then click once on the mouse to zap each attacking Ogre before it reaches you. Repair the wall and beat the next two waves of ogres. (see related question)
Exit and go left to Rowley's house to return the CD.
17) Near Rowley's house, use the carrot nose on the snowman. It makes noises, and you discover that someone is trapped in it. (You later find it's Fregley.)
18) At Rowley's house, his dad won't let him out or you in. You have to jump on the dad's car, then quickly hide by the bush to the left of the door. You can sneak in when he passes to see why his car alarm is going off.
(* major glitch here in trying to hide before the dad comes out)
19) Give Rowley the CD and rumble bike, but get his Joshie membership card.
20) Back at Greg's house, use the card to open the locked door, and shut off the power to Rodrick's room. When he leaves in the diaper van, enter his room and get the bowl for Sweaty the dog.
21) Go outside, and get the leaf blower from the garage. Go left and use it to blow the snow off the snowman, who turns out to be Fregley. He will give you his bingo troll doll (Fredrick). Continue left to North Main Street.

Gramma's House (North Main Street)
22) Talk to Gramma, who asks you to help clean her driveway of snow. Use the snow shovel to remove it all (work quickly, and use long sweeping motions before lifting and dumping the snow).
23) Gramma leaves to go to her Bingo Game at Leisure Towers. Go there.

Leisure Towers
24) Enter the lobby and go to where Gramma is playing bingo. Use Fregley's troll doll as a card marker. As the numbers roll out, quickly mark the numbers on all three of your cards. When you win the game, you get a Classical Music CD.

Main Street - Fast Mart
25) Go to the Fast Mart, where the owner is complaining about the teenage kids hanging around. Play the music CD in the player by the door (you may have to turn the volume up). The teens will all leave and the owner lets you have some "No Freeze" windshield wiper antifreeze. Go back to the right of the School scene where the snowplow is parked.

School - Snowplow Truck
26) The driver needs his wipers de-iced. You need to measure exactly 4 liters, using the 10 liter bottle, the 5 liter cup, and the 3 liter dog dish. (Fill the dog dish, then pour into the cup; fill the dog dish again, leaving 4 liters in the bottle). Go back to Greg's house.

Greg's House and Laundromat
27) Open the blinds to get Greg to stop playing the game. He suspects that Manny is looking for his blanket ("Tingy"). Exit Greg's house.
28) Follow Manny, who is driving the snowplow truck down the street. Go to the Quick-Spin Laundromat. There you should find Manny on the floor with his blanket.
29) Go with Greg to push the giant snowball to knock out the Whirley Street Kids, and then sled home (point the cursor and click to jump the bullies). You arruve just in time as Greg's mom comes home. Greg gives you the Island Medallion for all your help.

* Some players may experience trouble with the Rowley's scene, #18 above. The good news is that the graphics load was reduced after complaints, so most people will be able to hide behind the bush before Mr. Jefferson comes out the door.
* Once you start climbing Leisure Towers, there is no way down except thru Grandpa's room 33-C. Once inside, you cannot go back out the window.
* A glitch, or perhaps a fix, is that if you minimize your browser window while eating Grandpa's icky salad, you do not have to click to keep from throwing up. Not looking at the lunch for about a minute seems to work.
* At Greg's House, you have to beat Twisted Wizard. This was not originally part of the island. You can play the game from the Games menu of your item bag.

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