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how to finish the great pumpkin island on poptropica


Arrive on the Island
  1. You must leave and return if you are viewing the Sneak Preview, which drops you into the Pumpkin Patch. Main Street for the island contains a multiplayer room (the Flying Ace Cafe), the Van Pelt house (Lucy and Linus), Violet's House, and a Peanuts merchandise store. (The island will still host the regular ad-games from other sponsors.) To the right is the Pumpkin Patch and to the left is Charlie Brown's back yard.
  2. Talk to Charlie Brown, who is happy to have gotten an invitation to the night's Halloween Party. Lucy is leaving her house to see Linus at the Pumpkin Patch. Pigpen is on the sidewalk, and needs a bag to go trick-or-treating.
  3. You will play short challenges to advance (in boldface below).

At the Pumpkin Patch
  1. Big pumpkin : Linus is awaiting the evening and the arrival of the Great Pumpkin. Lucy is there to get a large pumpkin for a jack'o'lantern. The first challenge is to determine which of the pumpkins is the heaviest, using the seesaw balance. Put one on either side and leave the heavier of each pair on the beam. Before time runs out, hand the heaviest to Lucy.
  2. Pumpkin Roll : Lucy wants you to take it home for her, and Linus offers you a reward (his treat bag). Roll the pumpkin through the hazards, and keep trying until you succeed. Don't roll it too fast over bumps, or over rabbit hills when they stick their heads up. Get some speed to go through the hollow tree bridge. At the swing set, you must stop as close as possible to the first kid, then very quickly cross all three when they swing to the back. The wobbly pumpkin is nearly impossible to stop between swings.

At the Van Pelt House
  1. Take the bag from Linus and give it to Pigpen, who will give you a lemon-flavored sucker. Give this to Linus and he will give you his party invitation. While you are there, pick up Linus's pen, which you need later.

In Charlie Brown's Yard
  1. Leaf Blowing - Go right to the trees in Charlie Brown's backyard. At the far left is Snoopy and his doghouse. Help Snoopy get 5 leaves into the leaf pile - use his breath to puff and keep them in the air as they fall from the tree at the far right. Waft each leaf left to the pile.
  2. Linus arrives and jumps into the leaves, scattering them.
  3. Blanket Find - After he leaves, follow him to the mailbox near his house. He will realize he doesn't have his blanket. Go bac to the leaf pile and uncover the leaves to find his blanket. Return it to him as he mails his gift list to the "Great Pumpkin".
  4. Back to the left in the yard, Lucy is preparing to trick Charlie Brown with the football. When she offers a signed agreement, offer him the Pen to sign. She nonetheless pulls the football away and he falls.
  5. Pick up the football and go right. Toss it into the tree to uncover Snoopy's "flying ace" helmet and goggles. He climbs aboard his doghouse to fly into a World War I adventure.
  6. Red Baron - You must survive damage from attacks by the Red Baron, who will shoot and bomb you as you fly. If you are not shot down within a minute, you proceed to the next scene. You can elude the Baron for awhile by flying upside down at the top of the screen. When bombs fall, fly away, not under them.
  7. Enemy Lines - When the searchlight comes right, hide behind the rock. As it moves right, then left, it passes and you can rush right, to the trench. From there you will go to another rock, across to the haystack, behind a road marker, into the river, and behind a bush next to the house. The last step is the hardest : jump to the roof and hide behind the chimney.
  8. As you pass the Scarecrow, stop and take its mask, and put it on. When you enter the damaged house, you are actually at Violet's party. You will compete in three games and some pumpkin art.

At the Halloween Party
  1. Bobbing for Apples - There is a large tub of water, in which apples surface at a regular schedule. Click on an apple when it pops up, until you catch all 6. Do not miss more than three times or you must start over.
  2. Carving the Jack-o'-Lantern - A large pumpkin is carved by first drawing the shapes on the back of Charlie Brown's head. Draw eyes, nose, mouth and other features. Any face is acceptable.
  3. Pin on the Face - A jack-o'-lantern floats around, then stops and the lights go out. You have to paste the eyes, nose, mouth, and pumpkin stem as close as possible to where they actually are. One or two tries should get close enough. (hint : the eyes are pointier toward the nose)
  4. Player Piano - The moving dots show you how to play the music that Schroeder is performing. As the dots move toward the keyboard, they enter a small row of grid squares. As each dot enters its square, press the key directly below. If your timing and aim is correct, you will play the song. Each correctly timed note moves the sliding bar at right, so you must get enough notes right to pass the song test. Otherwise, try again. (**see note at bottom - do not leave the game while the piano scene is open!)

Trick-or-Treat House to House
  1. When you finish the four games, the kids leave the party "later that night" to go trick-or-treating. As you go from house to house, you must ring the doorbell, then try to grab the candy as it is thrown. The original game calls for you to grab two or more types of candy, one at each of two houses. After four houses, you leave the group. In actual play, you now do NOT have to grab ANY candy to get a bag after the last house.
  2. Return to the Pumpkin Patch and share the candy with Sally and Linus. As Linus waits expectantly, a large pumpkin begins to rise from the patch. Unfortunately, it is only a pumpkin being lifted by Snoopy. Sally leaves, mad at Linus for spoiling her trick-or-treat chances.
  3. Much later in the night. Lucy arrives to pick up a tired and shivering Linus, and awards you the Island Medallion and a full 100 credits.
  4. You can check on Schroeder, Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy at their final positions in the game.

This is the same approximate size as the Haunted House game, and is therefore much shorter than regular islands. As with Big Nate island, none of the characters or costumes (Sneak Preview or the game) can be Costumized.

Glitch 1 -- If you leave the game during Schroeder's piano-playing challenge, the program may fail at the end of the party scene, and the trick-or-treat game may not start. Players are advised to stay in Violet's house until the "Later that night" transition begins, or you may not be able to get the candy you need to finish the quest. Your only recourse is to restart the island (blue button on small map).
Glitch 2 -- in late 2011, Snoopy's "leaf blowing" game stopped working. If the leaves do not fall, you will have to try to complete the game some other time.


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