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how to finish cryptids island on poptropica

Cliff Park / Main Street / Mansion Row

Main street consists of three buildings : Bert's Bed and Breakfast (multiplayer room), the General Store, and Kitty's Kites. To the left is Cliff Park and to the right is a row of mansions, including the home of billionaire recluse Harold Mews. You receive a flyer announcing the Mews million-dollar reward for proof of the existence of cryptids : legendary creatures whose existence is unconfirmed by fact.
  1. At the General Store, everything is too expensive (but have no prices on them). You could get a free kite at Kitty's, but the most interesting, the KiteSurfer X-250, does not have any nylon rope to use. Continue right to the row of mansions. The Mews mansion is gated and locked, but you can find $5 in the tree just before you get there. His gardener is overworked and thirsty.
  2. Use the $5 to buy a sports drink at the General Store and give it to the gardener, who will loan you his shears. Take them left, past Main Street to Cliff Park.
  3. Help the other adventurers on their way. Give the hang glider a push and use the shears to cut loose the hot air balloon. You will get some nylon rope.
  4. Go back to Kitty's Kites and get the KiteSurfer. Take it to Cliff Park and launch it into the waves. You will surf for awhile until evil Gretchen Grimlock shoots a flare into the kite, leaving you to flounder until you are rescued by a helicopter owned by Mews.

* Mews Mansion and Museum, and the Cryptid Hunt

You are recovering after your rescue, and Mews offers to help you in the hunt for evidence of the Cryptids. Drink the last of your medicine and follow him to his Museum and Laboratory. After you familiarize yourself with the creatures, he lets you use his helicopter to travel to locations around the world. Exit the house and go to the Heliport. Your first stop should be Loch Ness, because you will need items from there at other locations.
  1. Loch Ness (Nessie) - The ticket counter for the Rowboat and Submarine is closed, but you can view the loch from the hill above, using the binocular telescope.
  2. Help the man whose truck is stuck under the bridge. Let some air out of the tires to lower it. The driver will give you his Digital Camera. Continue right to the Pub.
  3. In the Pub, pick up the book of matches from the bar.
  4. Play darts against the players there. If you win, you get a Rowboat Ticket. (to throw, aim at the center and "pull back" -- lower your dart -- between 1/2 and 3/4 of the way to the dartboard edge, then release) Eventually you will win and get the ticket.
  5. Go left to the Loch and take the Rowboat ride. While on the loch, you will get a photo of some "humps" in the water. You could return to the Mews Mansion with it. But to save travel, you can continue on to the rest of the four sites, beginning with the Himalayas.

At the Himalayas, there is a base camp set up, and you meet another fortune hunter. But none of the guys is going to help you up the mountain in search of the Yeti. The monastery at the top of the mountain has the alleged scalp of a Yeti. Begin climbing left until you meet a helpful Sherpa guide.
  1. With the Sherpa, climb the mountain using the Rope Anchors. As you go up, you must tie off the rope at each of the round anchors along the way, and wait for the Sherpa to catch up. (Even if you don't slip, the play is extremely glitchy.) Avoid slipping, and don't move until he ties up.
  2. At the mountain-top monastery, go in and talk to the head monk. He will not give you the Yeti scalp, because it is a sacred artifact.
  3. He does give you a lantern, which you can light at any time with your matches.
  4. Leaving, you climb the mountain at left, and meet another monk who will challenge you to a simple game of Hunt The Yeti (fox and hounds), which you must win to go further. To win, move toward the hunters, then back and to one side, and eventually one will make a mistake and let you reach the left side. The monk lets you pass.
  5. Go down the path, climb the temple, and go up and left higher on the mountain. At the upper left, you will find a clearing with flowers blooming. There is a large footprint that might have been made by the Yeti. Take a photo, then go back down across the rope bridge to return to the helicopter. The next stop is Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, the farmers and goat herders are concerned about losing livestock to the Chupacabra (goat sucker). The farmers rescue another of Gretchen's victims from a tree. He offers to let you use his jeep to drive around the countryside. As you drive, you find yourself splashing through streams, knocking down fences, and scattering herds of goats.
  1. In the jeep, drive up the road to the first "star" on the map (middle right). This is the herder's brother, who shows you some fur left on his barbed wire after an attack. It is supposedly from the chupacabra. Collect it from the fence.
  2. The second star (top left) has a resident who says that the Chupacabra prefers spotted goats. You can see them nearby. If you climb the springy poes to the right, there is a Bolt Cutter at the top.
  3. The third star (center) is Snaggletooth rock, where three spotted goats are sure to attract the Chupacabra.
  4. At the fourth star (middle left), the resident says that the Chupacabra only attacks goats when there are three of them. This will figure in your ability to pursue the creature. But for now, you can leave and head for New Jersey.

In New Jersey you are looking for proof of the existence of the Jersey Devil, sort of a small, demonic-looking flying dragon. You land at a gas station in a wooded area near the interstate highway.
  1. Enter the restroom to find claw marks and other evidence of the Jersey Devil. Writing on the wall outside and inside gives you clues.
  2. If you collected the bolt cutters at Puerto Rico, you can open the dumpster at the gas station. Inside is the removed toilet door. When placed next to the other door inside, it gives complete (if roundabout) directions to the house in the forest : right, left, left, right, right, right, left, left.
  3. As it is dark in the woods, use the Matches to light your Lantern.
  4. Hop on the motorcycle parked nearby and drive into the woods. Follow the directions on the list you wrote, or just alternate, right then left turns, to reach a cul-de-sac deep in the woods, where you park.
  5. Walk up the path to the deserted house and go inside. There are noises from above.
  6. Climb the stairs and push the dresser over to reach the attic, where thumping sounds are being made. You see a dark, red-eyed shape emerge from a barrel, but find that it is only a raccoon. Pick up the grappling hook next to the raccoon barrel and head downstairs.
  7. Just when you are leaving, the Jersey Devil appears in the window!
  8. Unfortunately, you can't get a photo. Go outside, where you see the Jersey Devil again. Apparently it has a nest in a tall tree.
  9. Use the grapple to reach the nest and recover pieces of egg shells from the it. You now have evidence on all 4 creatures, so return to Mews.

* Back at Mews Museum Laboratory

You show your collected materials to Mews, and use the DNA Analyzer to test the samples.
  1. Unfortunately, the Nessie photo is only tires in the water, but there is a suspicious shadowy form in the background.
  2. The photo of the Yeti footprint turns out to be from a snowboot, so you can cross off the Himalayas as a source.
  3. Using the DNA analyzer shows that the "Chupacabra fur" is just a coyote's.
  4. But you do confirm one of the four : the Egg Shells are definitive proof of the unknown DNA of the Jersey Devil.

Now you have to return to Loch Ness and to Puerto Rico to see if anything new can be found. At Loch Ness, you confront the rowboat guide about the fake photo. He leaves, and you have the rowboat for your use. Return to the pub for more conversation and more darts. One of the two players claims to have seen Nessie
  1. Play darts against his skeptical friend to win a Submarine ticket.
  2. Go back to the loch and take the Submarine tour. You will descend into the loch and get a photo of a "Nessie" on the bottom. It looks suspiciously like a hoax.
  3. Back at the pub, the players confirm the hoax. The first dart player you beat returns for a rematch. But when you win, he refuses to give you anything.
  4. However, the bartender gives you a Pennywhistle that is rumored to attract Nessie.
  5. Return to the Rowboat and go left, then farther left into a small cove.
  6. Blow the pennywhistle and a huge Nessie will emerge from the water!
  7. Take a photo and return to the helicopter. (You can return later to show up the haughty dart player and display your astounding photo.) You now see what you can find back in Puerto Rico.

In your absence, the goat herder has decided to catch the Chupacabra. Take his jeep to his brother's house again, where he suggests you use the jeep to corral three spotted goats into the rocks (center star on map) as bait for the chupacabra.
  1. Drive over, and steer around the three spotted goats until they are all between the rocks.
  2. Get out and meet the goat herder, who has a plan to trap the creature in a huge wooden box with locks and chains.
  3. After a short wait, his "trap" succeeds, and the Chupacabra is caught!
  4. Unfortunately, as you push it toward the truck, the box bursts open, releasing the savage Chupacabra, who knocks you down and escapes!
  5. Fortunately, he has lost a tooth in the process. Pick it up and head back to the Mews mansion with proof for both Nessie and the Chupacabra.

* Mews Museum Laboratory and the Bigfoot Hunt
  1. The photo confirms that Nessie exists.
  2. The Chupacabra tooth confirms it is a real creature
  3. This leaves only the Yeti / Bigfoot unproven.

But Mews has word of a sighting in the Pacific Northwest, so you fly the helicopter there to investigate. This is a new, 5th location on the helicopter's GPS. You sight Bigfoot travelling on the ground through the trees, and he is occasionally getting out of your sight as he roams. You can spot his footprints for a few seconds before they fade away.
  1. Fly above him and keep him in view for about two or three minutes until he reaches some caves.
  2. You report in to Mews, but Gretchen has bugged the radio, and swoops in using her own copter, and traps Bigfoot in a cage. Fly in close to her to stop her.
  3. Jump from your copter to hers, avoiding the rotor blades. If you fall, you can try again. To stop her, you have to open her copter's gas tank, on the side near the door. This will spill out the fuel and force her to ditch the helicopter.
  4. Quickly jump down to the cage and use the shears to cut the connecting rope. Descend to the ground safely using the cage's parachute.

* Mews Museum (Finale)
  1. The existence of Bigfoot is finally confirmed, and you are the winner of the million-dollar prize! But Mews has had financial trouble, so he hasn't any money to buy the caves as a Bigfoot preserve.
  2. You decide to turn down the money to keep the Bigfoot safe. :-(
  3. But you have confirmed all 4 of the cryptids and win the Island Medallion!

Notes :
1) You can use the shears to trim some of the hedges, much to the dismay of the rich lady. Fortunately, the damage disappears when you leave the mansion.
2) You can fly another kite any time on the island, but not the surfer kite. Like the balloons on Counterfeit Island, they let you jump higher.
3) After you see the cryptids, they do not appear again on the island. You can examine the caves where Bigfoot is staying.

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