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how to finish mystery train island on poptropica

Boarding the Train The train is the John Bull, a coal-fired steam locomotive making the trip from Washington DC to Chicago for the 1893 World Columbian Exposition. Several dignitaries are taking this train, and by helping Thomas Edison, the player gets to go along.
1) At the loading area, move the luggage to form a ramp for the heavy crate. The proper order is short box, parcel, trunk, golf clubs, and angle-top case. Click on the board to load the crate. Edison gives you a ticket to travel on the train to Chicago.
2) Go to the front of the train (right) to board, and it gets underway.

Aboard the Train 3) There are at least 9 cars in the train, not including the locomotive and coal car. You must meet all of the passengers before Edison will show you his invention in his cabin. (See passengers and crew in boldface below)

After seeing the Conductor and Coal man, go left to each car. The first car is the sitting car. Meet the builder of the Chicago Fair's giant ferris wheel, George Ferris, Jr., who has received word that the wheel does not have sufficient power to work. The second car has compartments for Nikola Tesla , suffragette Susan B. Anthony, and a young man named Erik Weisz (some may recognize the name). You cannot enter Tesla's room at first. Ms. Anthony gives you a PAMPHLET on voting rights for women. You meet Gustav Eiffel, builder of the Eiffel Tower four years earlier. You meet Weisz, then pass the Water Closet (toilet). The third car has the Porter closet and baggage for the riders. The fourth car has an unlabeled compartment, probably for the New York Times reporter standing outside. It also has those of Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, and a French woman reporter named Moreau. First you talk to the Times reporter, who is critical of Chicago. In his cabin, Twain is a bit ill from the train fumes. You pick up a PENCIL from a table enroute to Edison's cabin, and he asks you to come back later. In Moreau's room, you collect an issue of her Paris NEWSPAPER LeMonde which shows the 1889 Paris Exposition and the Eiffel Tower. The fifth car is the Dining Car, where you meet the Porter (if your avatar is female, so is the porter). The sixth car is an open flatcar with some hay bales. The seventh car is the reverie lounge, the multiplayer room for the island. The eighth is baggage and freight, including odd items from other Poptropica islands. The ninth (last regular) car is occupied by a Pinkerton Detective and you are brusquely turned away.

Train cars left to right :
10 -?
9 -Pinkerton
8 -Freight
7 -Multiplayer Lounge
6 -Hay Bales
5 -Dining Car / Porter
4 -Moreau / Edison / Twain / Reporter
3 -Porter closet and Baggage
2 -WC (toilet) / Weitz / Eiffel / Anthony / Tesla
1 -Sitting Car / Ferris
Coal Car (coal man)

4) After meeting all of the train occupants (you may skip the detective), you return to Edison's compartment where he displays his motion picture camera, the Kinetoscope (in real life this was built in 1889 by Edison's employees William Dickson and Charles Brown).
5) Your avatar is left alone when Edison goes to escort the New York reporter to his cabin. The train makes a sharp curve and enters a dark tunnel, and the Kinetoscope vanishes, leaving you to solve its disappearance and clear your name.
6) Each of the passengers will display the list of clues when clicked, and you can gain information from each by clicking on each clue. There are 11 suspects:
the 7 passengers, the two reporters, the coal man, and the porter. You may also see a small magnifying glass appear where a clue is hidden.

Clues - The Missing Device and Mark Twain 7) The NY Times reporter says he saw Mark Twain hiding something. Edison agrees it is worth checking. Reporter Moreau says that it is obvious that the thief is still aboard the train. When you confront Twain, he denies hiding anything, but you locate his hidden compartment. Unfortunately, he is only hiding his manuscript to Huckleberry Finn. He mentions the security at the rear of the train.

Clues - Prune Juice and Nikola Tesla 8) When the train makes an unscheduled stop, the coal man goes missing. The NY reporter now says he remembers hearing someone running past Edison's cabin. The coal man claims he was in the engine room. You find prune juice spilled on the carpet that was not there before.
9) Talk to Susan B. Anthony and the Porter in the Dining Car. Anthony says that Tesla is acting suspiciously. The porter is unhelpful about the prune juice or helping you see Tesla.
10) Click "Continue" and the Porter discards her order sheet. Pick up the NOTEPAD and use your pencil to reveal the imprint, which says Mark Twain ordered bicarbonate of soda, Weisz ordered water, and Tesla was the one who ordered prune juice.
11) Head for the baggage car to examine Tesla's luggage. All of the passengers suggest that the prune juice should have gotten Tesla to the bathroom by now, but he hasn't left his cabin.

Clues - (Coal marks on Luggage) Coal man Snack 12) In the baggage car, you find coal stains on Tesla's luggage, and someone throws a pair of scissors at you! In the coal car, the coal man denies he touched the luggage, but now admits he was getting a snack when the train stopped. The Porter says this is true, and the clue disappears from your list.
13) Go back to the baggage car, where the LeMonde reporter suggests posing as the Porter to get to Tesla. Go to the Porter Closet and get the extra hat and coat that is there (you don't need to actually wear the whole uniform).

Tesla's Compartment and his luggage key 14) Go right to Tesla's room. He will let you in and ask you to pour him some more prune juice from the pitcher. After three glasses, he excuses himself to use the toilet. While he is away, quickly find the hidden key to his locked luggage case in the baggage car. You will invariably find it (at the last second) after searching through most of the room.
15) Take the key and rejoin Moreau in the baggage car. The key unlocks the luggage, and inside is the motion capture device. Moreau summons a guard to put Tesla into custody, and he is locked in the "brig" -- the coal car.
16) Return the Kinetoscope to Edison, who realizes it may have captured a picture of the thief. But when you run it, it shows the scene *outside* the train window as it made the curve. The image shows Tesla in his own forward car, looking out the window at Edison's car farther back. This proves that Tesla is innocent, and has been framed.

Clues - Nikola Tesla Image and the Pinkerton Guard 17) Go forward and attempt to talk to Tesla. If you go back to his cabin, you see that something has been taken from his locked suitcase. Unfortunately, the guard won't let you enter the coal car to speak to Tesla.
18) As you return to the other passengers, Eiffel and Twain give you hints as to how to reach Tesla. In the luggage car, a hatch to the roof of the train is now open. Climb up onto the roof.
19) You need to go forward to the coal car. As you go, you have to duck down inside tunnels and jump hanging mail sacks. Enter the hatch in the coal car.
20) Tesla says he is innocent, and warns that something important was left in his cabin. Give him the pencil so he can draw a sketch. You would ordinarily have to return to his cabin, then use the pencil to mark what has changed. Since you already know the suitcase was open, circle that. Tesla insists that you find out how it might have been opened.

Clues - Unlocked Suitcase and Erik Weisz is Houdini 21) As you show the suitcase clue to Erik Weisz, he says that the lock was probably picked, but admits nothing. When you go to the NY reporter, he says the picking of a lock might be the work of a magician, and gives you a newspaper that shows that "Erik Weisz" is actually the famous magician Harry Houdini. The other passengers suggest you check Weisz's cabin again.
22) Returning to the cabin, Weisz isn't there, but you discover a set of lockpicks on the floor. Weisz returns, then leads you on a chase through the roof door in his cabin, back on top of the train.
23) Somehow he skips three cars including the empty flatcar, and when he reaches the freight car, he falls in. You follow him, although now the occasional obstacles are pushing you in the right direction.
24) In the freight car, use the scissors to cut the rope on the large object. It is a water tank with Weisz/Houdini trapped inside. Use the 5 symbol-coded lock picks to open all four locks to free him (there is a timer on the left, but you should have plenty of time). Each pick will only slide the pin with the same symbol (circle, square, triangle, diamond, X), and all have to be centered on the red line for each lock.
25) Freed, Houdini says that he isn't the thief, but has been trying to solve the case himself. He says that someone stole one of his picks, and you need to discover what Tesla was hiding. He then disappears.

Clue - The Tesla Transformer Sketch 26) Go back to the coal car via the train roof (you can use the baggage car or Houdini's room hatch). Tesla reveals the suitcase's contents: a 200-volt transformer that could power the giant Ferris Wheel. He gives you a sketch of the device, but no one knows anything about it. Finally Mark Twain has some information that is of help: he suggests you slip past the Pinkerton man in the 9th car, because there is someone secretly in a 10th car behind it.
27) Go to the rear of the train, where the vigilant Pinkerton man is napping next to his pet dog, Coco. He has set a Rube-Goldberg alarm device to alert him of intruders. Climb over the top of it and jump past him to the next car.

President Cleveland Explains It All For You 28) The security is for President Grover Cleveland, who is likewise travelling to the Chicago Fair. He, like Houdini, has been keeping track of the investigation. The Edison theft was a distraction to get Tesla's transformer. Click on the proper clues when prompted during his explanation.
29) Head back to the baggage car to find out who switched tags with Tesla.

Clue - Things From France 30) Using the key (which would not work again until now), you find items in the "Tesla" luggage that are from France, suggesting they belonged to the thief. The only two persons aboard who are definitely French are Gustave Eiffel and Mademoiselle Moreau.
31) When you ask Eiffel, he says that the handkerchief is a woman's, so it must be the proud Parisienne reporter, Moreau, who is out to sabotage the Fair. The train slows as it arrives in Chicago. Follow Moreau left as she runs from the train.

The Fair Chase Scene 32) Entering the Fair, where some attractions are already underway, Moreau pretends that you are trying to attack her, and the Fair guards try to apprehend you.
33) At the Persian exhibit, climb the ladder and jump to the lion who has just been fed, then across to the awnings, which will bounce you over the knives, torches, and other juggled items. Go left past the dancing girls to reach the Eskimo Village.
34) Jump from the totem poles to the street lights as you head left, until the guards topple the totems.
35) Climb the Ferris Wheel in the rain and lightning to pursue Moreau. As you reach the top of the left side, she will drop a crate on you. Jump to the red-labeled rope to swing to the right side, and climb again. As she throws the transformer, swing with the rope from the right side to catch it. When you go to confront her, she slips and falls from the top, fortuitously into Houdini's escape-artist water tank.
36) Give the transformer to Ferris and President Cleveland gives you the Presidential Medal of Honor (the Island Medallion).
37) You get a scenic silhouette view of the Fair, then you are back in Washington, DC where you started, with the suggestion that you replay the mystery. The only accessible location remaining on the Island is the multiplayer Lounge.

- The "graphics overload" makes a brief appearance when the Motion Device is played. Some users may have to struggle to click the "close" button as it displays the image of Tesla.
- The number of cars on the train is off, as noted, on the Houdini chase, and the rooftop travel only works one-way. You cannot access the roof from the coal car or freight car, only from Houdini's cabin or from the baggage car.

- If you don't look for the suitcase in Tesla's room, he doesn't make you actually go there until after the Houdini chase!


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