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how do you beat vampire curse island

Vampire's Curse Island is the 25th island in Poptropica. It was released for paid monthly members (and as a partial demo) on March 1, 2012, and for free general use on March 22, 2012. It is loosely based on the legend of Dracula. You are on a quest to rescue a kidnapped girl from the castle of Count Bram, and to free the count from his curse of vampirism.

*This is a list of steps for completing the island. There is a shorter solution at the related question below, and there is a video walkthrough at the related link. This solution contains all spoilers.
*To leave the island, you have to exit at the rocks leading to the forest. To leave the forest, you should jump hard to the left from the top of the rope bridge. If you fall short, there is no way out of the thorn patch except back to the top again.

The Village, and the Wolf on the Path

1) Enter the village, where family and friends believe that the young couple Christopher and Katya have foolishly gone to see the castle of Count Bram, a known vampire. They seem to have been inspired by the Teen Vampire movie showing at the theater.
2) Exit right and you will find Christopher on the path. He says Count Bram took Katya, but he seems unwilling to help you rescue her. Follow the empty snack wrappers and lighted green torches to the right and up.
3) As you pass a cave, a red-eyed wolf charges from the cave. You can jump it or it knocks you down. Continue over the hill to the right. Drop down between the patches of thorns where the wolf will attack again.
4) To defend yourself, click on the loose branch to the left of the hollow tree-- it will whack the wolf and he goes away. Jump the thorns, continue up the stone steps that go up and right and then over to the left.
5) As you reach a large branch, the wolf jumps you for a third time and the branch breaks, dropping you both back onto the path below. But you can save the branch as a "log" to use later. Repeat your climb up the steps.
6) Climb on the vines to continue left, then climb up, and head back right to the rope bridge, where the wolf is waiting (again?). There is a way to slip past him, but an easier way is available.
7) Click on the support to hit the bridge rope. The rope will break, collapsing the bridge, and that is the last you will see of the wolf. Jump across to the right and climb up the bridge, past a boarded door that you can't enter, and go right.
(*You say "I would have to be tiny to get through there" -- this is part of a members-only bonus quest)

The Castle Cemetery, Moat, and Wall

8) Walk up the angled hill and enter the open crypt there. Inside you can pick up the Teen Vampire Novel and the Crowbar.
9) Continue right to the second crypt.
(*It has one of those "you'd have to be tiny" holes, and some nearby blue vampire bats.) This crypt has a gutter and downspout attached to it.
10) Farther right is a dried-up castle moat, and you can't climb out of it on the far side. So you will have to flood it using the Well Pump with its large handle.
11) Go to the second crypt and break loose the downspout from its right side. Place it on the ground a little to the right, between the crypt and the pump handle. You can now use the pump to fill up the dry moat.
12) Jump up on the pump handle, and the stream of water should enter the downspout and then flow into the moat. Repeat this process twice and you can swim across the moat.
13) Enter the castle grounds. (You will come back to the tall wall at the right.)
14) At the front of the castle on the right, the large entrance door is locked, but there is an open window higher up. You will need to use the flowing water geysers to reach it. You can do this by blocking some of the geysers with boulders, so that more water flows through the others.
15) Go left and get the first rock, and roll it right to the geysers. Go back for the one at the far left, and use the crowbar to pry it out. Roll it onto the second geyser.
16) Climb the stone steps at the right side to find a third big rock. Push it down to finish blocking the water flow. The third geyser will now lift you to the broken window, and you can enter the castle. (This was the end of the island demo.)

The Castle Library

14) The dark room you are in is the Library, and coals are smoldering in the fireplace, which has a bellows at left that you might use to fan a fire. But first you will need to have something to burn. Place the Log on the fireplace, then some pages from the Teen Vampire Novel (strangely, the game makes you put the log first). Jump onto the bellows three times to fan the flames, partially lighting the room. You will see some candles on the right.
15) There are four large candle chandeliers near the ceiling, out of your view. The only way to reach them is to roll the ladder over to climb the bookcase at the left side, then jump up to the ledge. Take one of the Candles at the right side of the fireplace and light it. If you can climb up quickly enough, you can light the first chandelier.
16) To light the remaining chandeliers, carry a candle (unlit) to the first chandelier, and click to light the candle there. Jump hard to the right to reach the second chandelier, and light it. Repeat this process by going back for two more candles, until all 4 chandeliers are lit.
17) Jump down at the right side, where you can use the crowbar to break the chains on the door. This is the entrance that you see from outside the castle.
18) Cross the Library to the left and you should find a Glass Eye on the floor near the left bookcase. Climb up the bookcase and place it in the stuffed tiger head. This will reveal the key to the locked Armory door at the left side of the Library.

The Castle Armory

19) Use the key to open the Armory door. Inside, you will find the Crossbow and a large supply of arrows. At the far left of the room is a large cannon and three cannonballs. You can use them to blast a way out of the room.
20) Click on one cannonball and it will be loaded into the cannon.
21) To light the fuse, go back to the library and get yet *another* candle, and rush it to the cannon before it goes out. The cannon will fire out the window. More importantly, it will flip over and point to the right, into the room.
22) Click another cannonball to reload, and again get a candle to set off the fuse. This time the ball rolls into the Library (don't lose track of it), and the cannon is now pointing straight up.
23) Click the last cannonball and again set it off with a candle from the fireplace. It will blast a hole into the Armory attic, which has a boarded up window and some odd plants.
24) Climb up the cannon and pick up the Water Bucket at the right side. Take it back through the Library, and outside to the water geysers where you can fill the bucket up. Bring it back to the attic room.
25) Select the crossbow from your items. Point it at the wall on the left side and press the spacebar to fire several arrows into the wall. They may fall out, but you can climb on them if you hurry. Use them to reach the small plant next to the boarded window.
26) Put away the crossbow and use the crowbar to pry away the boards on the window.
27) Use the water bucket to water the plant, which is some sort of a giant beanstalk. It grows out of the window and all the way to the castle tower above.
28) Exit through the window and climb the stalk to the tower above. Enter the window of the Laboratory.

The Laboratory and the Cage Room

29) In the lab, there are several ingredients being used by the Count, apparently in an attempt to cure the his vampirism (which seems to be based on tomato juice, not blood).
30) Jump up to the shelf to get the container of Garlic, then go to the desk with the microscope. The Count's notebook is on the desk, which describes his experiments, and the three ingredients: garlic, wolfsbane, and mandrake root.
31) Look through the microscope. You can use the dropper to measure out garlic extract to use on the vampire cells. (Each click picks up more garlic.)
Adding garlic to vampire cells reverts them only temporarily to human cells, and adding too much destroys the cells (can't do that).
32) In a flask at the right is some untreated wolfsbane. According to the notebook, you will need to find some mandrake root, and a way to wilt the wolfsbane, and add both of these to the garlic to make an effective mixture.
*NOTE* If you let the Vampire Tomato juice drip on you, you will temporarily become a flying Tomato Vampire. This is harmless.
33) Exit through the middle door and go right into the second tower, where Katya is being held in a high cage. Apparently she resembles the Count's long-deceased wife Annabelle, which is why the delusional Count is keeping her prisoner. You cannot reach the key to free her (it is in the barred pigeonhole at right).
34). Katya tells you about a book in the library. Go back there to find it.

The Library and The Mandrake Root

35) In the library, on the bookshelf to the right, there is now a book called "Root Causes" that provides a clue to finding the mandrake, which is shown growing outside the castle.
36) Leave the castle and exit through the portal at the left.
37) Outside the castle, there is a tall wall to the right, like the one in the Armory. Shoot arrows into it with the crossbow, and then climb up them before they fall out, to reach the mandrake plant. (If you can jump into the tree, you only need one or two arrows to reach the top of the wall.) Put away the crossbow. Now you only need to heat the wolfsbane in the lab to wilt it.
38) Go back to the Library and find the second cannonball that you fired, which rolled into the room. Roll it next to the fireplace, where it will become red-hot.
39) Pick up the fireplace poker (stoking rod) next to the fireplace to push the ball left into the small "dumbwaiter" -- it is controlled by the red wall switch that you can throw, and connects directly to the laboratory. (You can put the poker back or it will go back by itself.)

The Cure and the Count

40) Go to the laboratory and pull the red switch to release the red-hot cannonball and it will wilt the wolfsbane.
41) Go to the microscope and mix the ingredients to test. There does not seem to be any clue to the proper mixture. As it turns out, it is three parts garlic (click bulb three times), three parts wolfsbane (three clicks), and one part mandrake (fill dropper). This makes the anti-vampirism serum.
42) Take the syringe into the cage room next door and free Katya. (There is now a silver cane in the cane stand that you can use to hook the loop of the key in the closet.)
43) When the delusional Count Bram arrives, you will jump through the rear window to the wall outside.
44) Follow Katya as she jumps from stone to stone. Use the Garlic to give yourself garlic breath, and stay close to Katya to repel the Count.
45) When you reach the top, he takes the form of a bat. Use the crossbow to shoot serum darts at him. When you hit him, he jumps you and you both plunge through the roof into the Library.
46) His vampirism cured, the Count crumbles away, happy to finally be reunited with his lost Annabelle. In his cape you will find the Island Medallion.
47) Belatedly, Christopher has gained the courage to come to Katya's aid.

Bonus Quest for Members Only
Unbeknownst to you, Christopher is now a vampire, and his bite changes you into a small blue bat. You are being pursued by the vampire hunter Cactus Von Garlic. You need to find the three ingredients to make more Anti-Vampirism serum.
1) The ingredients are located in three areas where you were previously too large to enter: the boarded door by the rope bridge (mandrake), the small hole in the second crypt (wolfsbane), and the hole in the wall between the middle chandeliers in the library (garlic).
2) When Katya distracts Von Garlic, fly up to the hole between the chandeliers and get the garlic (avoid the red spiders more easily by going right, up, and across).
3) Fly back to the rope bridge and enter through the boarded door, where you can get the mandrake at lower right. Dodge the shots by Von Garlic.
4) Enter the second crypt in the cemetery and work your way between the thorns to reach the wolfsbane.
5) Return to the laboratory, and fly to the microscope table, where you are cured. The quest will end and Von Garlic decides to try saving the vampires instead of shooting them.
NOTES on the island:
1) The wolf will not permanently harm you no matter how many times he hits you. The same seems to be true of Von Garlic's shots on the bonus quest.
you go to the treasure chest and eat the cheerios


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