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how to beat astro knights island on poptropica

Solution #1: (Solution #2 below includes additional details in the same order)

The Kingdom Arturus on Poptropica (boldface are collectible items)
  1. Go the village fountain, where there is a spaceship model.
  2. Jump up on the highest platform and crouch. You should pick up a gold coin.
  3. Then, go back to the museum next to the blimp. Inside, USE the gold coin to look around.
  4. Click on one of the books lying round the house and the guy will give you a library card.
  5. Go to the castle and go inside. Go to the library (first floor right). Collect the two books you need. (The Life of Mordred: A Cautionary Tale and The Mystical Weapons of Arturus)
  6. Then go to the section that it says on the library card and click on it. A stairway will appear and you go down.
  7. Collect the cheese and pull the lever. If you don't pull the lever, you will have to go back down later to reveal the dungeon tunnel. (Once you do, the monk and guards won't let you back in.) The small gate at the back should open.
  8. Exit and the monk should find you and tell you off. Leave the library and go to the king and queen and talk to them both. Accept their mission and receive the Coordinates page.
  9. Go to the final door (first floor left) and talk to the girl inside. Put the cheese on the ground and collect the robot mouse.
  10. Find the secret message on the table. Leave and head far right to the windmill area. Talk to the guy and get some manure.
  11. Enter the mill, climb into the loft and release the mill gear lock. Talk to the girl in the loft. She will give you a Cosmic Symbols password. Go to the fountain again and press the three symbols then press the center one. (You cannot enter these until you have the password card.)
  12. Enter, get the key and go out. Run back to the windmill climb it and push the windmill arms counter clockwise by jumping on them. It should open the roof.
  13. Go inside and power the machine with manure. Leave and go to the hay bales. Separate them and use the key to unlock the door. Go inside and scare the owl.
  14. Follow the owl out and release the mouse. The owl will eat it and follow you.
  15. Re-enter the hole in the ground, which is Mordred's laboratory. Run left and keep running into the wall. It will break. Run all the way to the end and enter the passage.
  16. You will find yourself in the jail cell. The alien will self-destruct. Click the owl and then click the little green fuel rod.
  17. Exit all the way out and head right. You will see the hoverboard that you restored floating in the marsh. Hop on it and head right until you see the crashed spaceship.
  18. Take the green fuel rod and drag it to the broken pipe. Since there is not enough fuel to reach any of the coordinates on the Coordinates page, enter X-56, Y-52* and press Launch.

* You will be wanting to know where these coordinates came from. First, grab the rope on the wheel mill in the swamp. (You may have already grabbed it.) Next, head right until you reach the castle. Climb up until you see the crossbow. Attach the rope to an arrow and shoot roughly to the upper left. It might take several times, but eventually it will stick in the door of the princess's room. Walk on the rope and enter the princess's room. Once in the princess's room, pick up the Princess's Note. Once you have this, exit her room and drop down to the ground, heading left. Go back to the Mordred exhibit and search under his bed. You will find the Missing Page from Mordred's Journal. At the very bottom of this page are the coordinates 56, 52.

Pewter Moon
  1. Once your spaceship crashes, head right, past the BUILD YOUR OWN SPACESHIP stand and enter the first building you come to. Talk to the guy to the left. Then, leave and head to the left.
  2. Talk to the guy about the Binary Bard.
  3. Continue to the left and stop at the BUILD YOUR OWN SPACESHIP stand that you passed earlier. Make a spaceship and leave, staying in orbit long enough to fully charge your shields.

Space, above Pewter Moon
  1. You have some choices now. You can go to the jungle planet at 15,15, the fire planet at 83,20, or the ice planet at 83,73. This walkthrough will go in order from personal belief of easiest to hardest.
  2. Head up and to the left until the tracker at the bottom says 15,15. Enter the planet.

Jungle Planet
  1. Start by dropping down to the floor. Head to the right and pick up the Laser Lance.
  2. Using the flowers to your left, bounce back up to the platform where your spaceship is.
  3. Wait until you see the swing to the right. Jump on it. Jump on the swing next to that, and the swing next to that. If you fall, use the flowers to get back up. When you are on the third and final swing, jump on the platform to the right and continue right.
  4. Talk to the knight and jump up to the cage he was talking about. Let the unicorn out.
  5. Defeat the Phoenix by avoiding the bird missiles and shooting at the bees when they come into range. When the Phoenix gets near you, click and hold to build up energy in the Laser Lance. Shoot at the Phoenix in this manner until you defeat it.
  6. You will appear in the spaceship. Click launch.

  1. Head down and to the right until you see a message that says "Space Sharks Ahead"
  2. Shoot a space shark and it will chase you. Shoot another one, and then the third, until all three are following you. Let them stay close and head directly up until you see a message that says "Approaching Black Hole". The black hole is at X-85 Y-47. Once you see the black hole, veer and go around it. The space sharks will be sucked in.
  3. If you take only one or two, deal with the other sharks in this same manner. Land on the ice planet.

Ice Planet
  1. Jump on the ice and jump to the right, being careful not to land in the water or get hit by fish. Continue right. (There are seven icebergs that you have to jump on.)
  2. Talk to the knight and get the Force Shield from him.
  3. This is by far the easiest boss to defeat- just bounce his own projectiles back at the yellow lights on his body. (Only the snowballs will work)
  4. Once you defeat it, you will appear back in the spaceship. Press launch.

  1. Head up and around the black hole. Head for 83, 20- the final planet we have to go to.

Fire Planet
  1. Jump on the platform to your right- you may have to wait until it sinks down. Repeat this process until you get to the fourth platform. Wait until the platform to your right sinks down, then jump over it and hopefully land on the last platform. If you miss, just go back to the start and try again. (* Alternately, jump to the 5th platform, and you can easily jump to the 6th when they are both moving downward.)
  2. Once you land successfully on the last platform, wait until it gets to its highest point and enter the volcano.
  3. You will quickly notice that there is a stream of hot air that pushes you back. However, there is a break of 3 or 4 seconds when you can run. Just follow the passageway and duck into the nearest nook before it blows again.
  4. Eventually, you will drop into a place where there is no current. There is a guardian, though. Just wait until it rolls into a ball heading towards you and jump over it. It might take a few tries.
  5. Talk to the knight and get the Ice Arrow.
  6. Continue to the left.
  7. Immediately jump on the chain in front of you and climb up. Swing to the next chain, and continue left until you are behind the dragon.
  8. Avoid the spikey mace tail thing, and jump up to the lever. Pull the lever, it should make the dragon go to sleep then jump forward and shoot the arrow into the dragon's mouth. Repeat two more times.
  9. You will appear in your spaceship. Press Launch.

  1. According to the knights, there is an asteroid with a key on it. So your first course of action would be to search all over for a really big asteroid. But, since you are using this walkthrough, you can cheat. Just head for X- 11, Y-83.
  2. Try to avoid the asteroids and the ferocious alien shooters- they will wear down your shield.

Giant Asteroid
  1. Make your way up to the key. Pull it out, since you are The Chosen One, and enter the portal that appears.

Mordred's castle
  1. Drop down to the ground and talk to the princess. Give her the Laser Lance, the Force Shield, and the Ice Arrow.
  2. Oh no! It wasn't the princess after all! Solve the puzzle on the door and follow him through.

The Final Battle
  1. As Merlin, dodge the flying projectile that Binary Bard (Mordred) shoots at you. Go to the ground under him and pick up one of his bombs. Take it above the Bard's control chamber (below the glowing green orb) and drop it as the bomb explodes. Do this TWICE. (Merlin gets zapped.)
  2. Dodge the red zap blast and run right. *Duck down low* to avoid the spinning arms, and climb UP on the robot to reach the top. Jump to the Princess's pedestal and dodge any zaps.
  3. Jump to one of the overhead chandeliers as Mordred rolls right beneath you. When he tries to zap you, it brings the chandelier crashing down. When you do the same with a chandelier on the other side, the orb is knocked loose and the Princess is freed. With the Binary Bard defeated, you are transported home to receive a knighthood.


Solution #2 (includes more detail):
In the Kingdom of Arturus
  1. The princess of Arturus has apparently been kidnapped in an attack by alien saucers. -- In the fountain by the Mordred museum is a gold coin to gain entry. A library slip indicates that you should go to the castle library (1st floor right). Press the shelf that says McM in the non fiction section there that accesses the hidden dungeon. There is an imprisoned robot and some cheese. Take the cheese and pull the lever on the wall. You will not be allowed to re-enter the dungeon once you do.
  2. There are two other documents in the library : "The Life of Mordred: A Cautionary Tale" and "The Mystical Weapons of Arturus".
  3. Take the cheese to the Princess's Maid's room (1st floor left) and feed the robot mouse. It will go with you. Get the princess's secret message.
  4. Go to the throne room of the castle (second floor) and get information from the king and queen, including some cryptic coordinates. Accept the quest to rescue the princess.
  5. In the farm area near the mill, you get manure. At the water wheel of the mill there is a rope.
  6. Back at the castle, attach the rope to an arrow on the large crossbow, Aim up and left and you create a tightrope to the upper door of the castle (Princess tower). There's a document here that lets you look under Mordred's bed in the museum. There you find his missing Journal page with the coordinates to the nearby moon.
  7. The manure will power the Hover Board, which can cross the mud to the crashed saucer, Excalibur. Reach the Hover Board in the mill's attic by releasing the windmill lock (hang on inside rope). Before you leave, get the Cosmic Symbols password card from the girl in the loft. Jump onto the free-wheeling windmill arms to turn them to the left (counterclockwise) and this will open the roof dome.
  8. The "cosmic symbols" paper indicates how to open the secret entrance under the fountain statue. Press "moon, Saturn, star", and then the Sun in the middle (you cannot enter this without having the card). The "hidden scientific order" will give you the key to Mordred's secret laboratory, hidden between the hay bales at the farm (push them both left and separate them).
  9. Sadly, the robot mouse meets his demise as he is eaten by Mordred's robot owl, Merlin, who joins you in its place (but only in the mill area).
  10. PUSH through the thin dirt wall of Mordred's lab, into the tunnel leading to the dungeon, where the robot attacker is locked up. It self-destructs, leaving only its glowing fuel rod. Click on Merlin then click on the rod and he'll retrieve it.
  11. Bring the rod to the Excalibur. We have 4 sets of coordinates to travel to, three from the Queen and one -- the nearby moon -- from Mordred's missing journal page. X-73 Y-83 is an ice planet, X-15 Y-15 is a jungle planet, and X-83 Y-20 is a fire planet. There isn't enough fuel to reach them, so we go to the technologically advanced moon at X-56 Y-52. (Without the coordinates page, X-56 Y-52 will still work.)

On the Pewter Moon
  1. See the head mechanic at Astrozone to swap your wreck for a new ship. Also learn something about the evil Binary Bard. The last human that visited the Pewter Moon was obviously Mordred, 20 years ago.

Traveling in space
  1. Head for X-15 Y-15 (Jungle Planet) first because it is the simplest to beat. You don't have to negotiate any "space sharks", like X-73 Y-83, or make any tough jumps, as on X-83 Y-20. Head up and slightly to the left until you see the jungle planet. (The number coordinates are counted left to right for X and down from the top for Y. Arturus's sun is centered at X-25 Y-42.)
  2. Various spaceships will attack you as you move between planets. Zap them and dodge their shots. If your shields fail, you will teleport back to the Pewter Moon for another vessel.
  3. Stay in orbit each time you leave the Pewter Moon to fully charge your shields!

The Jungle Planet X-15 Y-15
  1. Start by dropping down to the ground. Continue across until you reach the Laser Lance. (Its platform is in a narrow spotlight.)
  2. Head for the pink flower just to the left. Jump on it and wait. It should sink down and then launch you straight up. Try to land on the pink flower a bit higher up and to the right. Continuing in this manner, make your way back up to the platform with your spaceship.
  3. Wait until you can see the swinging platform just to the right, and jump right, avoiding the electric caterpillars. When you reach the large construct, you will meet one of the missing knights, Sir Cador, who has failed to defeat the Phoenix Birds.
  4. Jump atop the eggs from the left, timing your jump to arrive on a closed shell. The cage does not hold the Princess, but rather the Pegasus winged horse.
  5. You will fly Pegasus in an arcade-type game using the Laser Lance to zap the enemies that appear, and eventually the Mother Phoenix. (The lance fires in short bursts, or can be held for more powerful shots at the larger enemies.)
  6. This is fairly easy and straightforward, and you leave the planet victorious.

The Ice Planet X-73 Y-83
  1. Before you can land there, you must deal with the three Space Sharks. Shoot a shark and it will chase you. Shoot the other two, carefully, staying just ahead of them. Lead the pack to the Black Hole at X-85 Y-47 (up and slightly to the right). While they can "swim" through asteroid belts, they cannot avoid getting sucked into the black hole. It is possible to take only 1 or 2 sharks at a time and repeat the process.
  2. Jump across the slippery ice, avoiding robot fish, and climb the snow mountain at right. Here you will meet Sir Gawain, who has failed to defeat the Snow Panther Copter. He gives you the Force Shield, with which you can bounce its snowballs back at the beast. Hit the yellow lights and jump when it crashes. Three hits finish it. Still no Princess.

The Fire Planet X-83 Y-20
  1. Leap across the lava plain onto the geyser-supported rocks. The 6th leap should be done while both rocks are moving *downward*. Leap onto the volcano.
  2. Inch your way through the volcanic passage, avoiding the rush of air and sparks by standing in the alcoves.
  3. When you are attacked by the Segmented Creature, wait until it rolls toward you in a circle, then step back and leap over it.
  4. Meet Sir Peleas, who has failed to defeat the Fearsome Fire Beast, a robotic dragon. He gives you the Ice Arrow, but you have to avoid the flames from the dragon and finish him before your own temperature increases and you lose.
  5. As soon as you enter the lair, climb the chains and work your way across the top. If you approach from behind, you won't be zapped. Dodge the spike ball at his tail and reach the lever on his back. (*The lever must be in the back position with the spike ball working.*) Throwing it will put him to "sleep" for just a few seconds : VERY QUICKLY jump in front of him and fire the Ice Arrow directly into his mouth. (This should make him flash red and jump up and down.)
  6. Repeat the same thing twice more, but now it is complicated by dodging falling stalactites from the ceiling. You can likely survive one miss without failing the round.
  7. The dragon falls into the chasm, but the Princess isn't there, so you have to search for her. The knights mention a fabled Golden key on a hidden asteroid, that uncovers a portal to another galaxy.

The Secret Asteroid X-11 Y-84 (in the asteroid belt)
  1. The final place to look is in lower left space, where your space map shows no planets. Dodge or shoot your way through the asteroids to reach it.
  2. Climb the ledges to find the Golden Key, which you (the Chosen One) can remove. You cannot remove it until all three of the other knights are with you.
  3. Draw out the key. It opens a warp to a huge palace, where you find the Princess. After giving her your three mystical weapons, she is revealed as the Binary Bard in disguise. Solving the door puzzle reveals he is actually the missing Mordred. (There are 5 rows of 4 cards. Press each of the cards in row 2 once, then the two MIDDLE cards of row 3, then each card in row 4.)
  4. Merlin the owl must defeat Mordred's sword-wielding mechanical warrior. Dodge the flying projectiles and swoop down to Mordred's feet. Pick up one of Mordred's bombs before it explodes, fly directly up between the arms or around them and drop it near the Bard's control capsule (just under the glowing green "orb of power") as the bomb goes off. Hit him TWICE and he zaps Merlin, then attacks you. You only have whatever health remains from Merlin.
  5. As Merlin falls, DODGE the red zap and DUCK DOWN as the mechanical warrior suit comes directly over you. Before it can zap you again, jump up between its arms and then onto the pedestal. You can dodge the zaps but watch out for the spinning arms. JUMP left or right to a chandelier. When Mordred rolls underneath and fires a zap at you, he will hit the chandelier and it will crash down on him. Do the same for a chandelier on the other side, and the orb falls from the warrior as Mordred (Binary Bard) climbs out, too. The Princess knocks him for a loop and you have defeated Mordred.
  6. The orb is returned to Arturus and you are knighted, receiving the Island Medallion!

The spaceship is parked on the castle (as whenever you may have returned during the game), and you can fly to the planets or shoot asteroids and aliens. However, without the Orb, Mordred's planetoid is dark and the castle inaccessible.

(end Solution #2)


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