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how do you beat sos island on poptropica

The cruise ship is the Pequod, sailing in Arctic waters. It has suffered a collision and is sinking. Most of the crew and passengers have safely abandoned ship, but some are still aboard.
The areas of the ship include a hallway that connects the cabins, the ballroom, the galley, and the bridge. As the ship sinks, some areas will go under water. When underwater you can get extra oxygen from areas that are leaking bubbles, or from large bubbles that occasionally appear. If you run out of oxygen, you will continue in the same general area.

Arriving on the scene
1. One of the officers will tell you that there are people left on the ship. You will have 5 to save:
- a young Whale Fan (his cabin)
- the ship's Tour Director (the ballroom)
- an Engineer (boiler room)
- the Chef (the galley)
- the Captain, Captain Boomer (still on the bridge)
You will save them one at a time and take them out of the ship.
First rescue
2. Enter the ship by breaking the ice block at the forward door. To do this, swim over and climb up the lifeboats at the left side, cross the top deck, and shove the round ice chunk down to break the block.
3. Enter the hallway, then go up to the next deck, the bridge, where the Captain will tell you how to unlock the automatic doors. Turn the lever he indicates.
4. Go back down to the hallway, and to cabin 6, which is now unlocked. Go inside and pull the debris off the Whale Fan kid. Taking him out brings you both to the rescue Camp on the ice nearby (right of the ship). He gives you his Whale Song device, which creates sounds to call various types of whales.
(*end of temporary demo version for non-members)
Second Rescue
5. Leave the rescue camp and go left, and swim to enter the ship again. Go down the hallway, push the floating crate aside and enter the Ballroom. The Tour Director is dangling from a chandelier above the water.
6. Swim right and pick up the floating champagne bottle. By clicking the bottle icon (lower left) you can fire the cork with great velocity.
7. Climb onto a floating chair at the right side, and look for the weak point in the large glass pane. Fire the champagne cork by clicking the bottle then clicking again to aim, holding your mouse button down until the maximum power is reached, then releasing it. Water will enter through the broken window and raise the water level.
8. Repeat this process on the glass pane on the left side. This will float the liferaft up to the director.
9. Swim behind the raft to push it left, all the way to the exit door.
Third Rescue
10. The ship is sinking deeper, and you cannot enter the previous door.
11. Rather than the lifeboats, jump onto the ice to the right of the ship, then up onto the ship's antenna, and use the ropes, porthole covers, and umbrellas to climb up to the top of the ship (which was the stern or rear of the boat). There is a large hole there that you will use to enter from this point.
12. In the hallway, fall into the water at the bottom (this used to be the right side of the hall). Just under the water at the right is a valve that can let more water enter.
13. When the crate floats up at left, it reveals an open vent to the Ballroom.
14. In the ballroom, swim up to the surface for air, avoiding the stinging jellyfish. Climb the columns, rails, and bar to reach the collection pipes at upper left. The bulkhead has partly broken between the Ballroom and the Boiler Room.
15. Beginning from the first pipe that is open and venting steam, turn each swivel valve to direct the steam through the pipes that are still closed. When the steam reaches the expansion joint at the upper left, it will explode and blast a hole in the wall.
16. Enter the Boiler Room through the hole.
17. Climb up through the center section (floor) to the upper right, and avoid the steam there.
18. The Engineer is trapped there. She will show you how to stop the steam by turning the wheels at both ends of the steam lines. She turns the Green valve, which is connected by a green pipe to another green valve at the far left. Go there and turn the green valve.
19. You will repeat this process, turning the colored wheels at each end for each of the 3 remaining steam lines.
Blue : turn the blue wheel at middle right and then the blue wheel at lower left
Orange : the wheel at bottom right and then at middle left
Red : the wheel at bottom left and then at middle left
20. Climb up and convince the Engineer to leave the ship.
21. At the rescue camp, she gives you her Pipe Wrench. (It can only be used with the Whale Song Device, and clicking either card will show both.)
Fourth Rescue
22. The ship is sinking farther, going down by the bow. Climb to the hole at the top as before.
23. In the Boiler Room, avoid the steam as you move right, and up to the platform, where you will push the large pile of broken machinery off the end. Push it again from the lower platform and it plummets down into the water. Follow it down.
24. Now one of the propellers from the hole will fall into the water at the lower left. Swim left and shove the propeller through the hole into the ballroom.
25. In the ballroom, cross to the door on the right and exit into the hallway.
26. Use the hallway lights to climb to the top of the hallway (which used to be the left end) and climb into the open vent there. You will be in the galley (ship's kitchen).
27. Enter the freezer and break open the boxes of frozen food. You will find the Chef frozen in a large block of ice! Push the big block out into the passageway.
28. At the bottom of the galley is a heater. The object is to push the chef's ice block down to it. But you have to make sure you fall level with the passageways. If you don't, or get stuck, click restart to try again. You can climb up and down using the pipes at either side.
-- When you reach the first crate, shove it left ahead of you, so that when the ice block falls, you can push it right again.
-- On the way to the second large drop, there are 2 crates. Only one can go into the gap, so you will need to either pass by one crate or go down and shove it all the way down, out of your way. On top of the one crate you push a single Lettuce box, to make your landing even with the floor to the right.
29. When the block reaches the heater at the bottom, it thaws the chef and you both exit.
Fifth Rescue
30. As you make your final trip, the ship capsizes and is upside down. This makes it very easy to get aboard this time! But the interior is almost all underwater.
31. The Boiler Room has some big fish in it, so avoid them. Go down and right, then left across the bottom, then up again.
32. In the Ballroom, swim across the middle of the ballroom to reach the vent at the upper left. You must avoid the streams of steam bubbles and the stinging jellyfish. The path across is easier if you go along the top (floor) part of the way, getting behind the bubble-spewing steam pipes.
33. In the Hallway, just swim to the right to the other vent.
34. There is a new, twisted passageway to get to the bridge. As you go left, hermit crabs will pop out and hit you (they have crawled into pots with utensils sticking out). The easiest path is to stay at the top twice, then go down and back up to the exit at upper left. There are air bubbles available along the way.
35. On the bridge, you have to reach the Captain without hitting any sparks or either of the two giant crabs. The proper way is to wait and slip past the first crab directly below you -- the other path at far left is blocked by sparks.
36. The Captain admits that it was not the white whale that hit the ship -- he ran into an iceberg while chasing it. Use the Wrench to turn the Whale Song device 1/4 turn to the right, to the White Whale setting.
37. The song plays and the White Whale appears. It breaks the window into the bridge and swallows you and the Captain. (!)

38. No, its not the end. The whale swims to the surface and pops you both out through his blowhole. At the camp. the Captain awards you the Island Medallion.
The Special Quest for Paid Members Only (which is not extremely special)

(39.) Using the HazMat Diving Suit, enter the sunken ship and vacuum up the leaking oil. There are 11 leaks, 2 in four of the spaces and 3 in the long one (no hermit crabs). The difficult leaks are in the Ballroom, where there is no place to stand while clicking to extract the oil.


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