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how to finish charlie and the chocolate factory island on poptropica

Beginning the Quest Main Street has three buildings: the Wonka store, the Post Office (multiplayer room), and the Corner Store. To the left are the Tenements, where Charlie Bucket and his family live. To the right is the Willy Wonka Chocolate factory.

1) The characters all tell the story of the coming tour of the Chocolate Factory, to be available only to the holders of 5 Golden Tickets. Charlie, outside the store, has no money to buy candy.
2) Go to the far left, and past the tenements to the Pay Phones. There is a Silver Coin in one of the phones. Bring it back to the Corner Store and go inside.
3) Give the coin to Charlie, who buys a Wonka bar. Open it to reveal a Golden Ticket.
4) Shove aside the people offering to buy the ticket so that Charlie can leave. Go out and run behind him. Click all of the crates and trash bins to keep anyone from catching him. (This is a long and repetitive chase scene.)
5) When Charlie leaves, it is the next day. A 6th Golden Ticket floats down outside the factory. Follow it left to the Tenements, and climb the building at far left to follow it. Bounce on the wire to cross to the upper right, where you will catch the ticket.

The Chocolate Factory
6) Go right to the factory and enter the gate. The parents of the kids are outside. Talk to all 5 kids, and Willy Wonka will appear to usher Charlie and the others inside. They are Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, and Mike Teavee.
7) When the kids run off, Willy asks you to get his cane. When you go left to pick it up, he disappears along with Charlie.
8) Go right and enter the work rooms. Each time you enter the hallway, the "room selector" will appear. Select a room and then follow the blue hands down until you fall into the room.

The Chocolate Room and the Fudge Room
9) Augustus is swimming in the chocolate and gets sucked up into the pipeline. Turn all three green wheels to send him off to the Fudge Room (at right).
10) In the fudge room, you have to rescue Augustus from the smasher and the fiery ovens. Turn the green wheel to send him to the smasher. Cross quickly to the left and press the green button on the computer to stop the smasher.
11) As he heads back to the right, wait at the oven and press the blue flame control to tighten the flame. Then press the flame-reducer red button on the computer control (at right) to let him safely pass.
12) As he goes left again through the main ovens, press any of the flame alternator buttons to switch the flames from the one he's under to the ones he's not under, until he exits at the left side. (* the key here is to reduce the first flame, then stand at the middle orange button -- if you try to move from button to button, you may lose). Enter the hallway and choose TV Room.

The TV Room and the Bubblegum Room
13) After Willy Wonka sends the candy bar, Mike goes under the camera and is sent to the TV at far left. Adjust the antenna on the set until he's clear.
14) In the Bubblegum Room, use the stretchers to restore him to "normal" (almost) by selecting a mid-range between Less and More for both the vertical and horizontal stretching. Enter the hallway and go to the Inventing Room.

The Inventing Room and the Juicing Room

15) Willy Wonka is at right explaining his "three-course meal gum" and Violet wants to try the prototype. (Jump on the large button at right to release a gumball.) Unfortunately, the gum is not perfected and she swells into a purple blueberry from the dessert. She goes into the Juicing Room.
16) There are 4 operating machines, and all you need to do is match the order of the fruits to the order of the machines so that Violet goes to the squeezer. Slide the four color blocks to the proper positions (on the square, not the holes). The orange goes next to the number 1, the yellow next to 2, the purple next to 4, and the red next to 3. Violet gets shrunken and you take the hallway at right and go to the Nut Room.

The Nut Room and the Incinerator
17) In the Nut Room, both Veruca and her dad are tossed in the trash and you follow. (You pick up a Walnut in passing.)
18) In the Incinerator, you have to stop all three generators and the backup to stop the conveyor belt taking them into the furnace.
19) Jump to the next level and pull the handle that drops a huge wad of old gum. Roll it right to gum up generator #1. Pull to get another ball and roll it right to block the squirrel door -- so that one cannot come out when you throw the switch on generator #2. Quickly go to the bottom and slide the trash can to the right, blocking the other doorway. Now you can shut off generator #3.
20) When the squirrel starts running in the backup cage, place the Walnut on the platform to his left. He will stop running and get the nut. You have saved the Salts.
21) In the process, you picked up a can of Whipped Cream that turns out to be useless because a different version is used in the final challenge. You also picked up some Fizzy Drink, which you use to exit through the vent in the ceiling. Take the hallway back to the Chocolate Room again, where Charlie is waiting with Wonka.

Chocolate Room and the Chocolate River

22) Before Wonka can finish his speech, Charlie is swept away down the river of chocolate and you have to follow to rescue him.
23) As you jump to floating objects, some will rapidly sink, so you have to jump quickly. For wide distances, there is a can of whipped cream that solidifies in the air, creating temporary walkways. You need to use these to cross the rocks (no place to stand) and in one place there is no time to use it if you jump onto the sinking candy grass first -- just use the whipped cream exclusively at this point. Since you only have seconds to use it, you may want to spray a second line beneath the one you are on, in case you have trouble.
* The main problem is that if you don't click directly on the can at upper right, your character will move that way, into the chocolate! Don't miss the click!
24) Reach Charlie and rescue him, but he gets the keys to the Factory anyway. You get the Island Medallion. To leave, use the hallway exit to the main entrance.

Bonus Quest for Paid Monthly Members
1) Three of Wonka's competitors have stolen three valuable recipes. You have to fly after them in the Glass Elevator to recover the recipes.
2) This is a much shorter timed version of the Red Dragon battle (though somewhat easier). Collect candies from the clouds and spray them in front of the airplanes to gum up their engines (which explode). You face each of the three planes separately and you have 40 seconds to blow each one up. This can be hard if they hide offscreen or if you cannot find a candy refill right away.
3) As each plane is defeated, you recover its recipe as the pilot bails out. You must do all three in the same try to win. The reward is the Helio-Gum (typo for Heli-Gum), a bubblegum that lifts you a short distance above the ground. It apparently will not help beat any quests, because you drop back to your original level.

1) Nutty glitch - if the "backup squirrel" does not start running in the cage in the Incinerator Room, you cannot finish the room. Let it restart.


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