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how to finish twisted thicket island on poptropica

There are a number of puzzles that are mostly just "jump and run really fast" that you'll need to complete to beat the island. Go to the construction zone to the right. Talk to the director, he is wearing a suit and sunglasses, and he will ask you to stop the woodland creatures from stopping his construction. Climb the dump truck and go right, crossing the roof to reach the forest.

1) First challenge: Enter the forest and remove the acorn rune (Lesovyk). Dryads will come out and attack you. You must collect at least 3 or 4 and use them to help you jump higher. Wave your mouse cursor over the dryads to make them let go. If too many attach to you, they will carry you away. Make your way to the right side.

2) Second Challenge: In the next zone, you have to move left using the vines as ropes. The vine creatures (elves) will knock you off and cut the vine if they get higher than you are. Once you reach the top four vines, jump from vine to vine as you climb to avoid the creatures. You will pick up the plant rune (Kobold).

3) Third challenge: Cross the treetops by avoiding the flights of dryads. If you are stung three times you lose. Run past the first group. Duck to avoid the second group. Run into the middle of the next two groups, then out again as they spin. Repeat the cycle again as you head right.

4) Fourth challenge: You must avoid being hit by the boulders thrown by the trolls as you climb the trail. You can sometimes slip by them or use steps on the mountain. But usually you can climb on the trolls themselves to jump up. At the top, the last one will hit himself and you jump up to leave. You will find the tree rune (Jötunn).

5) Fifth Challenge: You must cross the bog and avoid the creature (the Nokken) that turns invisible (you can see his red footprints or air bubbles). The secret is to hide as you go, because the Nokken will not attack you when you are hidden. Watch for the red footprints to disappear then move quickly. Swim through the first pool, then jump past the sealed door to reach the end pool. Do *not* jump onto the vine! You will find the fruited tree rune (Näckrosor).

6) Sixth Challenge: you have to outrun the gremlins as they chase you. The obstacles in order are a) mushroom - jump b) tall mushroom - high jump c) archer basket - run under d) spike house - jump high e) ground archer - jump high. Reach the end and jump into the basket that holds the final or stump rune (Dökkálfar).

7) Enter the forest center. Climb the fungi on the trees to reach the rune images, pressing them in order from left to right. The brambles clear away.

8) Talk to the elf queen and she will tell you about the orb, the last magical source within the woods, which are being destroyed by the construction. The workers will drop down into the heart of the forest and one will smash the orb, turning all the creatures into stone.

9) Take the elf queen's amulet and use it to stop the caravan of construction equipment headed for the forest center. You can select from the three types of creatures to become using the amulet (pop-up at lower left).
- Dryad : flying power - blue symbol
- Gremlin : fast speed - green symbol
- Troll Giant (Jotunn) : strength - yellow symbol

10) As the dumptruck, bulldozer, and wrecking ball roll by, put on the amulet and become a gremlin (green) to chase them down. Jump onto the wrecking ball crane and become a troll (yellow) to push the crane to over the bulldozer (right). Become a dryad and fly to the top. Push the lever that releases the ball. Become a troll and jump down to the bulldozer. Pick up the ball and toss it onto the dumptruck.

11) Now that the worker guard is gone, become a gremlin (green) and run to the truck. Climb onto the fuse box and become a troll to destroy it. The construction director will give you the orb shards and surrender.

12) Return to the elf queen and the orb will be restored. She will then give you the island medallion. To reach Main Street, enter the cave at right (part of the Bonus Quest) and go all the way up and left.

Bonus Quest for Paid Monthly members
A large part of the Orb is missing. You must go into the forest to recover the missing shards, using the amulet again. Exit at the middle right to the caves. There are 5 exits that lead to modified versions of the original challenge scenes.
1) As a Gremlin, run fast through the spider web at far right, emerging in the Nokken pool. Go left and use the Troll strength to open the locked door. Inside, the gremlin can run fast through the blocking ladders, then become the Dryad to reach a shard on the ledge. Exit the door, fly back to the pool and return to the cave.
2) Fly directly up from the first webs and enter the door. In the Gremlin scene is a large wooden form resembling a creature. Go left and become a Troll, and push the large Battering Ram into the wood form, destroying it. As a Dryad, fly up into the trees above it to find the shard. Exit back to the cave.
3) Climb up one level and become the Troll to move the large round stone and enter the tunnel behind it. In the Troll scene, fly up and carefully between the thorn vines to reach the shard at upper left, which the Troll can retrieve behind the hanging stone. Exit the Troll scene to the cave.
4) To the right is a second set of webs. Run through as the Gremlin. In the Lights scene, merely fly to the far right, go up, then dash quickly left as the Gremlin to the get the shard. Return to the cave.
5) At the upper right, you exit into the forest at the "Dryads only" sign. Using the dryad works for most of the shard quest. The first shard is up and left in the vines, at a beehive. Exit at the sign and return to the cave. Go back to the elf queen.
There is no special reward, other than retaining the Amulet. To easily reach Main Street, re-enter the cave and go all the way up and left. One advantage to having the amulet, is that you can fly as a dryad in many of the ad-games that appear on the site, by playing them at Twisted Thicket. This is similar to using Flying Power on Super Power island.


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