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how to finish lunar colony island on poptropica

At the PASE Launch Facility, Florida
1) You arrive at a rather under-funded space complex for PASE - the Poptropica Academy of Space Exploration. An older astronaut is giving a presentation to the sparse crowd. Continue right to Mission Control where a rocket is preparing for launch.

2) Talk to the short-handed, overworked staff in Mission Control. The astronaut in the capsule is looking nauseous. The flight director puts you to work to find something to settle the astronaut's queasy stomach.

3) Go back to the speech area and get the leftover bottle of ginger ale that the astronaut there was using. Bring it to the rocket, go up the gantry elevator, and give it to the astronaut.

4) The reluctant spaceman tricks you and escapes, leaving you to pilot the mission. Click on the headset to hear Mission Control, and get strapped in.

Blasting Off - At the Controls

5) The booster rockets need to be matched at 4150 pounds (despite Poptropica's font looking more like 4750). When the first fuel tank runs down to 5%, click the safety, then the release to jettison it. Set your vertical angle to 112° to reach orbit, then jettison the second tank the same way as the first.

6) The mission briefing about the Moon Base's missing astronaut is interrupted by a swarm of asteroids. Steer between them as much as possible, but two small ones will probably hit you.

7) To repair the damage to the ship, you have to spacewalk. You have a limited amount of umbilical to reach the hull tear. Press the toolkit release and grab the toolkit -- but don't float toward the back of the ship. Hold onto the kit as you circle back around to the bottom, and watch out for meteoroids. At the tear, spray the foam sealant to fill the hole.

8) To land on the Moon, use the mouse to keep the lander straight up, and click the mouse button to fire the retros, which will keep the speed in the green zone as you follow the path to the landing site.

At the Moon Base

9) Enter and go to the Vehicle Bay. Inside is a rover (uncharged) and some lockers. Go to the locker and click to find the GATOS manual, which has computer controls for the base.

10) Climb to the ceiling at upper right and press the roof control, allowing sunlight to enter the bay. Click the large reflector and tip it down until the sunbeam hits the other reflector across the room. which will direct it to the solar battery on the rover, recharging it.

11) Exit and go to the other room, the Barracks (crew quarters). Inside, jump to the third level on the left side, where one bunk has been slept in. You will find the journal of Dr. Salerno, the only remaining astronaut assigned to the base. Her Photo Album is in the small locker to the right.

12) On the fourth level is a map showing the location of the three mysterious jewel-like lunar artifacts, of which Salerno is certain there is a 4th. Continue left to the main computer console. It is password protected, but you can "reboot" using the code in the GATOS manual. Press the 4 keys on the pad at the right. The code is "square, loop, circle, X."

13) On the vehicle bay control, use the slider to the left of the screen to move the inner airlock to OPEN (up). You can also read the e-mails from program director McNabb to Salerno.

14) Return to the vehicle bay and drive the rover into the airlock and onto the surface. Your first stop is the Research station just north (above) the main base. Click the map to show your location and those of the three outlying facilities: the Research Station, the Rock Lab, and the Bio Dome.

* There are 3 strange glowing artifacts (jewel obelisks) at points on the lunar surface : an orange one north of the Research Station, a green one south of the main base, and a pink one near the BioDome. They are only used late in the quest.

Research Station

15) Click the tow cable and attach it to the meteor to unblock the door.

16) In the station are the experiments and the medical wing. Climb to the Eye Color device at the upper right and change your eyes to purple (this bypasses the retinal scan at the Rock Lab). Since the infirmary wing door is blocked, you have to flatten yourself out to enter. Use the Pressure Chamber at the top center of the station. Select HIGH and then hurry down to slip through before you regain your normal size.

17) In the infirmary wing, walk far left along the circular wall to hear the locator device beeping inside a trash vent. You will need to use the hose to flush it out. Grab the hose and unreel it as you climb into the central area of the infirmary. Essentially, you go up-left 4 times until you reach the center hub, then back down and right to the Maintenance area. If you run out of hose, you have to backtrack and try again. Use the hose at the vent to flush the device, then exit through the Biowaste door at left.

18) The locator shows Salerno is in the BioDome, down and left from the main base. Exit to the rover and drive there.


19) Enter and go right, then get a cork for the sprayers in the hydroponics room. You can cork the first one, then move through the room, or just carefully carry one cork left, then up to the sprayer by the door. (Losing a cork means a trip back for another. You can also slip by the first sprayer and go along the dome roof, then down left of the tree.)

20) Find Salerno in the upper storage area, but she escapes. Pick up her dropped key card. Exit and chase her in the rover to the Rock Lab.

Rock Lab

21) Bypass the retina scan and use the Key Card to enter. Use the ramps to pass all the processing stations and get to the lab door at the far upper right.

22) At the upper left of the room is a covered-up Geiger Counter. As the rover is remotely driven in, jump to the middle of the room and push over the long metal girder, forming a ramp to push the Geiger Counter down to the floor.

The Secret of the Artifacts

23) Drive south from the Rock Lab according to the geiger counter, and find the glowing purple X that marks the buried purple artifact. Use the winch to pull away the rocks on top. The artifact rises and emits a purple beam toward one of the other artifacts.

24) Drive in the rover to where the two beams cross and get out. Salerno shows up with a shovel but the surface collapses into a hole. In the chamber, go right, past the pictographs showing how the aliens left the artifacts. Press the lever that opens the portal to the alien homeworld. Salerno goes through the portal and you return to Earth.

25) Back at Mission Control, the SETI receiver gets a message (apparently through a space warp) that shows Salerno on the alien planet. PASE Director McNabb shows up and gives you the Island Medallion.

1) If your avatar has facial hair, you can lose it on this quest! (astronaut rules?)
2) If you go to see the astronaut before going to Mission Control, the elevator has no down control -- you have to jump down!
3) The sign shows that the Moon Base population was apparently as high as 78 before budget cuts. Commander Salerno's name is an anagram of "as loner."

BONUS QUEST for paid monthly members only:

1) More messages in code are received from the SETI array, and you are tasked to find Dr. Alan Turing, an expert cryptoanalyst (a real person, Turing lived from 1912 to 1954).
2) Return to the PASE entrance and go left to take the bus marked "Silver Shuttle." At the Retirement Home, click the name "Grant Luina" on the call buttons until it re-arranges to spell Alan Turing.
3) Talk to Turing and return to Mission Control.
4) For each of the messages, you only need to add the alphabet letters to the symbol diagrams in order.
A thru I on the #
J-K-L-M on the first cross
N thru V on the next #
W-X-Y-Z on the second cross
The coordinates allow the SETI receiver to pick up 4 different images transmitted from the alien world.


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