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how do you beat wild west island on poptropica

Dusty Gulch 1. When you enter Wild West Island, the first thing you do is talk to the lady on the horse, and she tells you that she belongs to the Pony Express, the way people delivered letters back then. She has an important letter for the Marshal of the town of Diamond Plains, but her horse is tired and she can't deliver it.
2. You need a horse to help her. Go right to the far side of town, to Rusty's Ranch, where a man has an out-of-control horse named Elmer. You can tame the horse by staying on him as he bucks (keep your cursor close to the white target cursor as it jumps left and right). You will also get a whistle that lets you call the horse when you need him.
3. Take the letter from the rider and leave town, using the star mark at either end of town. You will have a map showing the towns of Dusty Gulch (upper left) Diamond Plains (upper right), Dos Cactos (middle), and Rock Ridge (lower right). You can follow the train tracks, or ride cross country, but some ridges may block your line of travel.

Diamond Plains
4. Entering at the left, you can stop at the Marshal's office, but the Marshal is at the saloon, in the right half of town.
5. At the saloon, the old cowpokes won't help you until you beat them at Gum-Spitting. To hit the spittoon, you can aim your cursor at the middle of the lamp on the far wall, then click your mouse, releasing it when the spit meter is near the middle section (slightly higher as the spittoon is moved back).
6. The man asleep on the table to the left is Marshal Flint Taylor. He asks you to read the message to him, which is from the bank owner McGready in Rock Ridge, who fears a robbery by the gang of El Mustachio Grande. The Marshal has given up trying to catch the gang, so he gives you his badge.
7. You can go to the Marshal's office again, but the Deputy will tell you that you need an official Marshal's portrait. You get this from the photographer back in Dusty Gulch.
8. Ride back to Dusty Gulch and get your photo taken, and return.
9. Get the Pea Shooter from the gun case.
10. There is a jail break in which El Mustachio frees the captured gang member. Ride after them but they will get away, and the Deputy will be very disappointed in you. Ride to Dos Cactos for the Shooting Contest.

Dos Cactos
11. To win the shooting contest (left side), you must beat all the contestants by hitting more targets and getting more points than all of them. When you do, Miss Annie Oakley gives you a more powerful gun called the Spud Shooter.
12. Climb the hill, or ride around to the right side of town (the horse cannot climb the rocks, but can bounce up using the cactus). Enter the casino and challenge the man upstairs to a game of Slap Jack. (Avoid slapping too soon or too late.) When you win, he can't pay you, so he gives you the location of his gold claim (it will appear near the right middle of your map)
13. Exit the casino and talk to the boy with the giant head. He says he took an elixir from a medicine salesman (who is in Rock Ridge). The boy needs a special blue flower to get his head back to normal. Ride to Rock Ridge.

Rock Ridge
14. Enter at the left side and talk to the cattle girl. She tells you that a calf ran off and asks you if you can catch it. Say yes and she gives you a lasso.
15. Go left again into the desert. Head farther left into the desert, following the hoof prints left by the calf. When you see it, chase it. Press the spacebar to start swinging the lasso, and press it again to throw it. Once you rope the calf, take it to the ranch, at the lower middle, then go back to the cattle girl.
16. She gives you an old saddle and asks you to find her five best cattle that ran off into the desert. Ride left again, find them and corral them as you did with the calf. Return to Rock Ridge and the herder will give you a Rattlesnake Wrangler costume. In Rock Ridge, you will find the medicine seller, but you have nothing to pay him with. Ride back to Dusty Gulch.

Dusty Gulch
17. Go to the Trading Post. Upstairs, trade the old saddle for a gold pan with the man upstairs. Use the map to ride to the Gold Claim (middle right on the map).
18. Use the gold pan at each of the 4 shiny spots in the stream until you find a gold nugget. Ride back to Rock Ridge with the nugget.

Rock Ridge
19. Give the medicine seller the gold nugget and he will give you one of everything he's selling : this includes Concentration Carbonate (speeds up your reactions) and Transparency Tonic (makes you temporarily invisible). If you use any of them, you soon revert to normal.
20. At the far right, go up to the train track, to the cart full of coal. Use the Spud Shooter to shoot the key out of the canary's feet, and pick it up. Use the key to get into the mine.
21. Inside the mine, a tremor will hit. Jump into the mine cart for a long and mostly pointless ride. When you see a switch, shoot the red target to change the track and avoid crashing.
22. At the ride's end, you'll find yourself in a room with a blue flower in it. Take it. When you do this, there is a cave-in and you are covered with rocks.
23. Climb out of the hole you are in, and ride to Dos Cactos.

Dos Cactos
24. Give the flower to the boy with the giant head. His head will shrink, and he will give you a piece of the map to El Mustachio Grande's hideout. Ride back to the Trading Post in Dusty Gulch, and swap your gold pan for an oil can. Ride to Diamond Plains.

Diamond Plains 25. Go to the clock tower and climb up to enter the tower. Inside, make you way over the wooden floorboards (some will fall, but you can use the crates to jump from, then continue to the ladder at the right side).
26. At the clock gears, use the Oil Can to oil the gears -- only oil the group that goes across the center, until they don't take any more oil. Ignore the gears around the top and bottom edges. Turn the crank and the clock works again.
27. The clock strikes 3 o'clock and the train arrives. Go right to the station and go on board. You can take the medicine called Concentration Carbonate now.
28. The gang of El Mustachio Grande tries to rob the train. Shoot them with the Spud Shooter to keep them from the locomotive (far right side). Use the spacebar to use the Concentration Carbonate, which makes them seem to freeze temporarily so you can aim better at them.
29. After you have scared them off, you should continue on the train, or by horse, to Rock Ridge. (You can call the horse if you use the train.)

Rock Ridge
30. McGready's bank has been robbed. But there is another piece to the map of El Mustachio Grande's hideout on the roof. you now have the whole map to his hideout and it has been marked on your desert map. Ride to the hideout.

El Mustachio's Hideout
31. Take the medicine called Transparency Tonic to become invisible and slip into the house.
32. El Mustachio Grande and his gang are hiding behind different things when you go in. You must lure them out from their hiding places in order to shoot them. Keep firing and reloading to keep from being shot yourself.
Working from far right to left, shoot these objects
Root Beer jug
Musket (gun over mantle)
Top of Candle (flame burns rope)
Bag of coins
33. Once all of the gang have been shot, El Mustachio Grande runs out of the house. Chase him through the desert until you corner him, and rope him with the lasso. Take him back to Diamond Plains.

Diamond Plains
34. Marshal Flint Taylor is waiting for you. He locks up El Mustachio Grande and gives you the Island Medallion!

A substantial number of users with older computers, or slow graphics cards, will not be able to complete the train robbery due to the extreme amount of graphics information used. This means that some players may not be able to finish Wild West island.


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