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how to finishh super villan island on poptropica

Oil Rig and Parachute Jump to the Secret Island
1) When you arrive, you are on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Go to the Control Room and speak to the supervisor in the office, who is getting a call from a Dr. Jupiter on a secret nearby island. She is wary of sending anyone to help him, but she is curious about what is going on, Agree to go there and board the helicopter outside.

2) The helicopter cannot land due to a storm, so you have to jump down to the island by parachute. You jump and float down through the thunderstorm. When you see a lightning bolt about to strike, steer away from it (it can set your parachute on fire). Eventually you will fall into the ocean near the island. Avoid the clouds to minimize your falling time.

3) Swim to the right and climb up the rocks to the top surface, where there appears to be nothing but a security camera. Jump on top of the rock next to the camera. When you're up in the air, the camera will point up, which signals the rock wall to open. You can enter. The signpost says Erewhon Prison (anagram of nowhere). It is designed for imprisoned super-villains. Talk to the guards who will take you through a scanning and decontamination procedure. Enter the Guard Room and call the elevator which will take you into the prison complex.

4) In the Dream Lab, Dr. Jupiter explains that he is seeking to cure criminals of their compulsions by removing "totems of evil" from their subconscious minds. Inside sealed chambers are the Binary Bard, Captain Crawfish, the Black Widow, and Dr. Hare, all fast asleep. The doctor wants you to go inside their dreams to retrieve the hidden totems, potentially curing them of their criminal ways.

5) You enter the dreams through the Dream Machine. Stand on the platform and click on the up-down buttons to select the villain whose dream you are going to enter. Then press the start button to enter a dream.
- The Binary Bard (Mordred) is in a mechanical maze, with swinging doors, robots, and flying spike plants
- Captain Crawfish is asleep within his own dream, appearing as multiple versions of himself
- Black Widow is dreaming she still has her treasure trove of stolen art
- Dr. Hare is having a nightmare in which he is tiny and is carried away into an underground anthill

[NOTE] You will have to go back and forth to the 4 dreams to get the items you need to obtain each totem.
- The paint cleaner for dream 3 is in dream 2, and the sprayer in dream 4.
- The crystal key for dream 1 is in dream 3.
- The shrinking potion for dream 2 is in dream 3.
- The drill for dream 4 (part 2) is in dream 1.

So the most efficient path is dreams 2, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 4 : you get the turpentine in 2, the sprayer in 4, the shrinking potion and crystal key in 3, and the diamond drill in 1. As soon as you complete 3, you can finish 2 and 1, and then 4.

In the Dreams

6) There is nothing to do yet in dream 1. The Bard, as Mordred, is trapped in a room because the door is banging open and shut. You can't get through, and he says "If only there was a way to slow it down . . ."

7) In Captain Crawfish's dream (dream 2), the pirate versions of him are all sleeping as their beds roll back and forth on the deck. Avoid the sliding beds by jumping onto the lights. You cannot touch any of the sleeping pirates, or they will wake up and you must restart the dream.

8) Jump to get the red key in the box over the door. It opens a chest on the lower deck. Go to the lower deck. Beware of the swinging anchors that will whack you if you get too near. Open the chest to reveal a Stopwatch (a rather specialized device that stops time temporarily). Jump up and get the green key from the bottom cabinet. This opens the chest at the upper left on the top deck, containing some grog-based Turpentine. There is a bottle at the upper right that has a ship in it, but you cannot get to it at the moment. Leave the dream.

9) There is nothing you can do yet in dream 3. In the Black Widow's dream, you are in an art room with famous paintings that the Black Widow has vandalized using paint. Although the turpentine could clean them, you have nothing to apply it with.

10) In dream 4, Dr. Hare is having a nightmare in which he is tiny and being carried down into the ground by red ants. You are equally tiny and carrying a pick-axe with which you can (with a few clicks) dig away the rock to go deeper into the ground. You have to avoid the red ants, which can sting you, as too many stings will force you to start over. Fortunately, you can use your axe to kill them if you use it right. After digging past several levels, you will reach a drop to another level. [NOTE: There should be no need to climb back out of the hole. You need to reach the bottom or you cannot complete the quest.]

11) As you tunnel down, some of the blocks are metal and cannot be dug through. At the bottom of the second level is a metal blocking row and you can go no further. At the metal barrier, you will find a Paint Sprayer.

12) Leave dream 4 and enter the Black Widow's dream. She is defacing the art with paint. She will call down spiders on their webs to attack you. Click on the turpentine, then click the sprayer to equip it. Click on each painting and you will shrink down and land on the painting. When you are close enough, you can click to spray turpentine on the paint to remove it. You have to spray all of the letters and symbols on all three paintings. To complicate things, the same spiders that were dangling in the art room are also moving up and down on weblines and will sting you.

13) On the first painting (Picasso's Three Musicians), you can bounce on the guitar strings or just climb around past the spiders to remove UGLY. Go to the upper left and you will find a bottle of Shrinking Potion. Clean the painting and exit at the upper right.

14) On the second painting (Van Gogh's Starry Night), remove the letters TRASH as above. On the upper right, you will find the Crystal Key hanging. Complete the cleaning and exit at the glowing star, along the left side.

15) On the third painting (Monet's Water Lilies), erase the letters NOT ART and the hourglass symbols. Exit at the middle near the top.

16) When all the paintings are clean, the Black Widow attacks you. Dodge her and spray her self-portrait with the sprayer. This will dissolve the painting, stopping her and revealing the Paint Brush totem. You wake up.

17) At this point, you can complete two more of the three remaining dreams. Enter Captain Crawfish's dream again and go to the Ship in a Bottle. Use the shrinking potion to enter the bottle. To break the bottle, you will need to fire one of the cannons.
There are two cannons sliding around on the spars. Go behind each of them as they roll and click the wooden boxes to close them when they are inside. Then go to the cannon in the dinghy near the bottom and fire it. The cannonball will shatter the glass bottle. You receive the Ship Totem and wake up.

18) Enter the Binary Bard's dream. Equip the Stopwatch and press the spacebar to freeze time when the door is as wide open as it gets. Mordred will flee. Chase him through the door and into the chamber with Merlin the Owl. Merlin will attack and grab you, so elude him and click the door as before. In the next room, you are attacked by the Mechanical Mouse. Freeze it when it is near the right side and you can use it to jump over the high wall. Click on the vault door to enter the Workshop.

19) In order to get across the room, you have to use the stopwatch to freeze the tossed spike plants, allowing you to jump on their safe unspiky bottoms. Use the plants to move all the way to the right along the bottom. At the right side, use them to jump upward. (*Where there are 3 plants, freeze them when the closest one is moving left and almost back in the dock.)
Go back left to the middle, where you will find the Diamond Drill. Jump to the keyhole platform and open the clock chamber with the Crystal Key.

20) The Binary Bard will attack you with spinner blades as his clock mechanism powers up. You can short out the giant clock by using the stopwatch to freeze it when the hands are exactly connected to any two of the power connections at the numbers 12, 3, or 9 (i.e. when the clock reads 3 or 9 o'clock). After three freezes, the clock shorts out and you receive the Astrolabe Totem. You wake up.

21) Enter Dr. Hare's dream again. You dig down through the anthill again, but you can equip the Diamond Drill to dig through the unbreakable metal squares as well. In the lower section of the dig, you encounter blue ants that can break the ground, too. Dig down quickly and find Dr. Hare. Drilling out the top squares in the block to his right reveals the Golden Carrot Totem.

Dr. Jupiter Revealed

22) When you wake up and have all 4 totems, they are taken by Dr. Jupiter, who is revealed to actually be the Greek god Zeus from Mythology Island. He plans to conquer all of Poptropica with the power of the totems. He wastes no time in a destructive rampage across the islands of Poptropica.

23) You find yourself in the water with the 4 villains, who swim away. Suddenly the god Poseidon (Zeus's brother) rises on an island under you. He gives you his lightning-firing trident to use to fight Zeus. (This is very similar to the fight on Mythology Island).

Battle with Zeus

23) You appear at the Statue of Liberty, which has been altered by Zeus into his own image. The 4 totems are attached to it and providing power to Zeus. Flying on clouds of pink energy, use the lightning bolts from the trident to shoot the 4 totems to knock them loose and deactivate them. This takes from 8 to 12 hits on each. Meanwhile, Zeus will be firing bolts at you, and the totems will manifest flaming meteors and phantom cloud cannons to shoot at you.

* Collect the pink clouds that float near you to maintain your power. Hits will knock them loose. If you lose them all, you will fall and have to start the battle over.

24) Once you knock the 4 totems from the statue, you have to duel with Zeus. You can tell when Zeus is weakening because the number of clouds under him grows smaller.

25) After you remove all his clouds (you have to hit him with a couple of dozen bolts), he will attack you using giant thunderbolts from the statue's eyes. Shoot the eyes until he is defeated (again).

16) Back at the Prison island, Zeus is locked into the Dream Machine, and you receive the Island Medallion. Exit the prison through the elevator and the guard room, and call the helicopter with your walkie-talkie.
You have to return to the oil rig to leave Super Villain Island on the blimp.

1) The meteors and cannonballs in the Zeus fight were added after the initial release in early access.
2) Due to a glitch, your parachute may only appear if you are hit by lightning which will set it on fire, more for each hit.

Bonus Quest for Paid Monthly Members Only

The prisoners from Super Power Island have broken loose and are holding a hostage. The security override is only known by "Dr. Jupiter" (the sleeping Zeus). You will have to enter his dream and recover the 12 letters of the system password.

For each of three color-inverted, upside-down scenes from Mythology Island, you will recover 4 password letters. Because the scenes are upside-down, you will tend to "fall" upward. The letters are Z3US in the inverted Minotaur Maze, TH3G at the inverted Tree of Immortality, and R34T at the inverted Mount Olympus -- it spells "Zeus the great." Zeus appears in the dream's outdoor scenes and tries to stop you from finishing.

Recovering the password awards you the "Dream Guardian" hooded costume.


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