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how to finish reality tv island on poptropica

Playing Part I - Getting on the show
First go to the supermarket. Talk to the man who has the magazine (he is on the right). He will drop it, so you can pick it up. There is a Reality TV Island entry form in the magazine. Rip it out. Then go to the TV store, and change the channels on the sets until you see the TV show's address. Leave and go to the manager's office in the Wayside Motel. Grab a pen to write on the form. You can write in why you should be on the show, but it can be any reason, or you can leave it blank. The address was automatically added to the card.

After that, dial 555-PETE (555-7383) for Pete's Pizza. Order it for room 4B. When you go outside of the office, there will be a pizza delivery person. Talk to her to get the pizza. Go to room 4B (up the stairs on the left side) and knock on the door. Enter and go to the middle room, where you will see Bucky Lucas. Talk to him and he will give you a postage stamp to mail your entry form. Go to your inventory and click "use" on the postage stamp. It will appear on the entry form. Go to the mailbox (far right of town past the TV store) and click on it to mail the form. Within a few seconds, it is the following day and a helicopter arrives to take you to the TV show.

Playing Part II - Playing games on the island

After you arrive, you will face several different challenges, playing against the other 7 contestants chosen for the show. These are all computer-generated players and some are familiar from other Poptropica islands. They all play exactly the same way, and any of them could beat you in some of the challenges.

After each challenge, the remaining contestants meet to vote someone off. Hopefully you won the challenge, because that gives you immunity. (i.e. no one can vote you off). You can still get lucky even if you don't win a challenge, because you might not get voted off. The computer contestants will usually vote against other computer characters (and may even vote against themselves!). On Day 7, you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO WIN to earn the Island Medallion! If you get voted off at any point, you are still invited to be on the show in "another season" (which is right away if you want). Hop back in the helicopter and off you go! Even if you win the competition and the Medallion, you can still go back if you want to play the challenges again.

** Note ** Players who win the TV show more than once will receive an update to their Island Medallion, indicating how many times they have won. There is no known upper limit to this number.

Some Hints on the Challenges
There were originally 12, and at least 2 more were added, from which each player will play a random selection of 7. One is a random chance (Geyser Guess) and others can be difficult to win when there are more than 1 or 2 opponents.
  1. Balanced Diet : As the brown dot (top of the pole) moves, move your cursor toward the opposite side of the circle to keep it centered.
  2. Boulder Push : your most rapid clicking will almost always be successful
  3. Coconut Grab : Stay to the left and center and time your jumps to get groups of single coconuts or preferably groups of three. (More than two others will usually get in each other's way.)
  4. Geyser Guess : This is just guessing, and the same geyser CAN erupt twice in a row!
  5. Mountain Race : avoid the rocks as you run uphill. Running farther to the right (higher) is an advantage even if you get hit once or twice, because most of the overhead rocks will miss you.
  6. On the Line : Click as soon as your line can come close to any fish's mouth. You can time its rise again to hit them. Shallow catches save time.
  7. Pole Climb : Click right or left to dodge the falling coconuts.
  8. Shot Put : Click to aim at a 45-degree angle. Click again when the power meter is close to the top. (Best score is 55-60.)
  9. Shuffleboard : Select a long shot (long arrow) for the first shot, or bank it hard into one side to go around your opponents. Get close and don't shoot too hard.
  10. Turtle Shell Toss : The others will seldom toss 20 pointers. Throwing at a 45-degree angle will guarantee three hits on the 20-point shell. (You can set your cursor at the center of the palm tree to get this aiming point.)
  11. Totem Hop : When a totem starts to shake, you may have time to leap to another (click on the one you want to jump to). Avoid jumping to the tallest totems (center) as you can get "stuck" there.
  12. Water Run : Jump the obstacles and avoid the boar. Fill your bottle COMPLETELY full so it will only take four trips (one less than full) to fill your container to 100%.
  13. Hang Gliding (new): You fly across the sky and avoid the volcano erupting and birds Tip: Always stay near the top and left side of the screen.
  14. Knockout (new) : Each player takes three shots. Aim for the plates with the least damage, and pull the slingshot just halfway for the lower plates and farther for the top row of plates.

Avoiding Defeat (Browser reset)
Save your position when you first arrive on the TV show.
Later, when you are playing a challenge, you can escape a loss by closing your browser window before you actually lose the challenge. The game will reboot to the start of that day, and will usually select a different challenge from the one you were playing. Getting challenges you do well in can often save time in acquiring your Island Medallion. Very seldom do players succeed in the first set of 7 they play.

You can also use this technique to move quickly through the challenges to practice or play one you are interested in.

List of Competitors on the Island (random 7 chosen each time)
  1. Betty Brownie
  2. Betty Jetty (Super Power Island)
  3. Bret Batter
  4. Black Widow (Counterfeit Island)
  5. Busy Bob
  6. Cathy Codex
  7. Chef Jeff
  8. Director D (Spy Island)
  9. Dr. Hare (24 Carrot island)
  10. Freddy Fry
  11. Grandma Gracey
  12. Grandpa Glum
  13. Helen Hiker
  14. Hip Hop
  15. Hippie Harry
  16. Lassie Lasso
  17. Magic Mervin
  18. Merry Muse
  19. Ned Noodlehead (Super Power Island)
  20. Richie Rebel
  21. Rickie Rock
  22. Sally Score
  23. Sarah Snooty
  24. Sickly Skull
  25. Slim Slam


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