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how do you beat zomberry island on poptropica

The city center of Eastman has been overrun by a mysterious outbreak. Some, but not all, of the everyday citizens are now wandering purple zombies. The area has been quarantined while the authorities try to find the cause, and a cure. Talk to the police captain near the tunnel entrance.

1) The captain tells you to look for Doctor Romero, who was researching the situation but has gone silent. You get a notebook to record information, and a flashlight since the power is out in many areas. Jump into the tunnel.
2) Cross the school bus and make your way left. Equip your flashlight to see where you are going. The flashlight is not bright enough to repel the zombies. If one touches you, you will run away screaming in either direction.
3) Continue left to the wrecker truck. Pick up the car keys. You cannot get past the mob of zombies at the tunnel end. Tilt the wrecker bed and use the car keys to enter the car it is carrying. Turn on the lights to scatter the zombies.
Financial District
4) Go left to the construction site. Avoid the zombie and jump on the small sign to climb into the girders. Climb to the top left and enter the crane that is there.
Click the controls and use the crane to move the girders: either lift the one with the lunchbox (lower right) to the top middle, or move the one that is blocking you from the lunchbox. The zombie worker stumbles around.
5) Open the lunchbox to find a subway pass. Go left and go down into the subway.
6) Dodge the zombies and use the subway pass to reach the tracks. Go left.
7) At the end of the platform, jump up to grab the Light Bulb. Go left again to the stranded subway train.
8) There is no way to climb up except at the other platform, and there is a pipe blocking you. At the front of the train, a rock is stuck in front of the wheels. Click it to break the rock and let the train roll slightly to the right. You still cannot get on top. Leave the subway the way you came.
Smoothie Shop (optional?)
9) Enter the shop and take a flier that shows where their fruit originates. Exit and go left.
Shady Side Apartments
10) At the apartments, click on the fuse box to turn on enough lights (green) to light a path to reach the roof (upper left). One way is to push all the switches to UP and then switches 2, 4, and 7 down. Climb up and enter the door there.
11) Enter apartment 7 (Doctor Romero's). You can click the computer to get his phone info. Apparently it is not here.
12) On the next floor down, enter apartment 5 (Joe Puddy's). Pick up the bolt cutters on top of the shelf to the right of the door. Go left and click the note on the fridge to get his info.
13) At the bottom floor, enter apartment 1 (Gamer Guy). He has not turned into a zombie and is enjoying himself playing games. Click the trash can and dig through it to get the Valley Rain soda label. Jump on his speaker to get the Digital Camera there. You can play the video game (Terror from the Garden) which is good practice for the final scene of the island.
14) Equip the camera to help you stun zombies with its flash. Go back upstairs, leave the building, and go left across the sinkhole, to Chinatown.
15) Jump past the group of zombies to enter the Sing-Sing Karaoke bar. (There is a manhole cover that leads to the subway, but you will need additional information first.)
16) Jump onto the stage and cross to the right. Shining your flashlight on the Disco Balls will create light to scatter the zombie dancers. Aim at the one at upper right to move the zombie away from the switches there. Turn on the lights to scatter all the zombies from the club.
17) Talk to the KJ who is named "DJ Saturday Night" and is another person who has somehow not turned into a zombie. She is grateful but unhelpful. She leaves, but you can get her info from atop the mixer board, and she leaves her laptop computer.
18) Click the computer and start the Find My Phone program. Enter the name and password for Doctor Romero's phone (Doctor, Awesome) to see its location. Click on UNLOCK to remotely unlock the door to the hidden bunker. Click at upper left to take a screen shot of the computer, to provide a schematic map showing the city.
19) Go outside and right to the manhole, which leads to the subway train. But you have to get rid of the zombie crowd.
20) Jump up on the wire that holds a string of paper lanterns. Use the light bulb to make them shine again. This scatters the zombies from the pipe cover. Go down the hole.
Subway / Secret Bunker
21) Land atop the subway train and go inside. Start it up with the controls to move it a little ways down the track to the bunker under the Financial District.
22) Exit and go up the ladder, and enter the door there.
23) The bunker is Doctor Romero's automated lab, but Doctor Romero is now a zombie, and has locked himself into a cage.
24) Use the desk phone to dial 555-3946 (Romero's phone). When it rings, he drops the phone and a note. Pick them up and go left to the whiteboard.
25) Review the videos on his phone. He suspects pesticide contamination has turned folks into zombies, and was collecting data on the fruit being eaten by the various people in the city.
26) Use your notebook to fill in the data for the 4 subjects on the whiteboard. For each person, check off the fruits that they have eaten. This reveals that those who ate blueberries were the ones affected. (According to the flier from the smoothie shop, their latest batch came from Cleveland.) You will need to find the affected blueberries at the Wharf.
27) Get a cup of coffee from the coffee maker. You will need it later.
28) Go to the upper left of the bunker and exit through the Quarantine Door. It exits in the sinkhole, and you can go to the far left, past Chinatown to the Wharf.
Wharf / Dock Crane
29) At the wharf, use the bolt cutters to cut the lock on the gate.
30) Go right and jump past the zombies until you see the container marked "Do Not Open Until 2000." (This has obviously been here a long time.)
31) Enter the container, which is the refuge of a survivalist. He has been there since the Y2K scare at the end of 1999.
32) He decides to help you get past the zombies on the container stacks.
33) Go outside and give him the cup of coffee. He is grateful and provides you with the Security Keycard for the docks.
34) As the spotlight keeps the zombies away, climb the containers using the handles, and jump up and right to the Dock Crane. Jump across the three disk-like platforms to reach the Control Cab.
35) Use the dock keycard to open the manifest list and search it for a container containing blueberries that arrived on October 22. (Use the center scroll button to go down the list.) Click on the shipment of blueberries from Cleveland.
36) As the automated crane moves through the stacks, move left or right to avoid the stacks that are too tall (3-high).
37) Click on the target crate (73-G) and it is lowered to the dock.
38) Climb down to enter the container, which unfortunately contains a huge guy who is now a zombie. Use your camera flash to drive him off, and get to the pile of spilled blueberries. Take a sample and leave.
Subway / Secret Bunker 39) Go far left on the dock to access the subway entrance there. Use the pass again to reach the tunnel.
40) Go right to the train, and jump from the right side platform to the train, and climb back up into the bunker.
41) Add the blueberries to the automated processor and turn the crank to create an antidote which is loaded into a spray gun. Click it, and select it from your items.
42) Spray Doctor Romero and he is cured. But you hear zombies coming.
43) Climb up to the right and click the boards to cover the door to the bunker.
44) Climb down to turn the crank as fast as you can to make the antidote. When the antidote batch is finished, the zombies break into the bunker and you have to cure them as they attack you. (This is the same type of action as the Gamer Guy's video game). Spray them all before you succumb.
45) When you have won, the Smoothie Shop owner Samuel Brains arrives and offers free smoothies as compensation for the zombie outbreak his shop caused. He is chased off by Puddy and Gamer Guy, but he drops the Island Medallion and Romero gives it to you. You can leave through the subway, which for some reason still has some straggler zombies.

Bonus Quest for Paid Members Only
1) This short quest has the survivalist carried away by zombie rats. You must take a beaker of concentrated antidote to 3 pipes that supply the city water.
2) Exit the quarantine door (upper left) and go down the sewer entrance in the sinkhole near the apartments. Go right, jump over the rat and push the crate left to reach the path.
3) There are two pipes to the right and one to the left. Go right until you reach the rat blocking the pipe. Click the valve and you are thrown to the upper level (pipe #1). Once you use the beaker, click the valve to spray the zombie attacking you.
4) Go down the hole at right to pipe #3, again using the beaker and spraying the zombie.
5) Climb back up to the fork and go left to reach pipe #2. Use the beaker, and spray the zombie, who is your friend, the survivalist, who had been zombie-fied by the rats.

-- Even once the populace is "cured" there are zombies in the subway.
-- Professor Romero is named for legendary zombie director George Romero, and the Fort Savini Tunnel is named for makeup artist and actor Tom Savini. The city of Eastman is named for Kevin Eastman, artist for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and co-executive producer of the upcoming UK film "Zombie Apocalypse."


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