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how to finish wimpy broadwalk island on poptropica

The setting includes four sections of the Boardwalk
Fun House & Rides / Main Street Games / Arcade / Beach

1. Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson are with Rowley's parents at the Boardwalk. Greg's $20 bill blows away and is picked up by two teens, who run off with it. If you follow them, they get away. To play the games, you would need tokens and you cannot get any in this area.
2. Head left to the Ride Area. There are a few scattered tokens to be found, including at the Popcorn Vendor and Fun House (you can get more by repeatedly entering and leaving). There is a trash can with stinging flies that you have to jump over. In the parking lot, talk to the woman who has lost her car keys.
3. Climb the Cranium Shaker ride and bring down the Trash Can lid. Go past the Bumper Cars and put it on the open can. Push the can *all the way to the right* until you reach the Cotton Candy. Open the lid and the flies go to the candy.
4. Sort through the trash until you uncover the Empty Popcorn Bag at the bottom. You can get a free refill from the popcorn vendor.
5. Head all the way right to the beach. Although you have a few tokens, you do not have to play any games right now.
6. On the beach, get some free sunblock from the man taking photos. Take it to the large sunburned guy near the water and give it to him. He will give you some oily lotion that he doesn't want.
7. Go to the woman under her umbrella and use the popcorn, which spills and attracts small seagulls. The birds chase the woman away.
8. Talk to the man with the metal detector, who is looking for something lost in the sand (you cannot help with this right away).
9. There is a walkway under the Boardwalk which is not used until the end. Climb the stairs back up onto the Boardwalk, where the teens are tricking people, and taunting Greg, by sticking his $20 bill up through the boards.
10. Go right to the beach again. There will be a seagull carrying something as he flies over. Jump up from the trash can to grab it. It is a keychain that has a photo of the man with the metal detector.
11. Return the keychain and he will give you the metal detector. Using it reveals a patch of sand near the umbrella. The detector flashes when it is near metal, and under the blanket you will find the missing car keys.
12. Use the detector again to find some tokens for the boardwalk games. You can find as many as you want, but you will probably only need about 15 or 20. As you pass near one, the detector blinks, then turns green when you find it. Click the green spot to pick up a token.
13. Go back to the boardwalk and *all the way left* to return the keys to the woman, and she will give you some flip flops. You will need these for the hot roof of the Arcade. Go back there.
14. At the arcade, the kid has lost his Flying Disk (frisbee) on the arcade roof. Put on the flip flops and climb up to get it for him. Give him the frisbee and he tells you how to get a free game at the broken Volcano Claw Machine.
15. Go to the claw machine and wiggle the handle, then use the claw to pick through the items. You just position the claw and drop it to pick up the items. The only thing that you eventually get (4th thing you pick up) is the Fake Vomit.
16. Take the Fake Vomit back left to the Bumper Cars, and use it there to get rid of the line of kids waiting to ride. You should see Rowley on the cars.
17. Drive the bumper car to run into Rowley in the red car. After you hit his car a few times, he drops his Lucky Rabbit's Foot. Pick it up and exit.
18. Go left to the Fun House, where you again find Rowley, who is stuck in the little kids' slide. Use the Oily Suntan Lotion to get him unstuck. He will slide down into the ball pit and uncover Fregley, whose mom gives you some leftover Fish Sticks.
19. Head back right to play all 5 of the Boardwalk games on Main Street.
-- Himalayan Hurl : now that you have Rowley's lucky rabbit's foot, you will win every time. In fact, you can never beat it without the rabbit's foot.
-- Fastball Fury : throw two balls fairly fast (above 80), then the third ball faster, near the top of the slider. The correct choice for your guess should be really fast (above 90).
-- Circus Soaker : aim the water bursts to hit the small hole in the clown's mouth, filling the water balloon above it. It will expand and then burst. The trick is to aim ahead of the movement of the face. Progress too slowly and you will lose.
-- Space Fling : Click and hold on a ring, then lift (move up with your mouse) and release. The ring will fly through the air and hopefully land on one of the 4 bottles. This takes only a little practice, as you only need to score one ring to win.
-- Pirate Panic : Click and hold on a baseball, then lift (slide mouse upward) and then release to hit the bottles. This can be done in one throw if you are accurate.
20. Winning all 5 games gives you the Bonus Prize, a large plush caterpillar.
21. Go left to the Cranium Shaker and swap the Bonus Prize to the man for the Remote Control Helicopter. Take it back to the Beach at far right.
22. Use the Fish Sticks to add one to the hook on the helicopter. Fly the helicopter to the shore and hook the Crab that comes out of the water.
23. Go back to the boardwalk where the teens are still using the $20 bill. Use the helicopter to drop the crab onto the $20 bill, so the teens cannot pull it back down through the boards.
24. Go with Greg below the boardwalk to chase the teens. Greg gets his $20 back and rewards you with the Island Medallion.

-- Rowley is in the Ball Pit of the Fun House until you get the Fake Vomit, when he appears at the Bumper Cars. Some walkthroughs show you getting the Fish Sticks first somehow.
-- If you continue to talk to the guy who swaps the Jumbo Prize for the Helicopter, you will just keep getting more and more of the Helicopters! Similarly, you can win multiple copies of the prizes for all the games.

BONUS QUEST (Members Only) - Play Thunder Volt
Someone has put a 2nd place score on the Thunder Volt game, where Greg had scored 10,000,000 points. The score table reads "Greg Heffley" and then "Is an Idiot." Play the game to get a score above 800,000 and save his reputation. To win the game, shoot as many complete sets of attackers as you can to build your firepower, and kill the bosses as they appear. The problem is that you cannot move at the same time you are shooting, so shoot and move quickly. The game puts a great premium on NOT GETTING HIT because hits reduce your firepower and can (eventually) kill you. The final (5th) boss is a giant spider who is actually the easier of all of them to kill. It is better to stay on the lower half of the screen when fighting him, as rocks fall through from the top. You can
get a score of between 1,000,000 and 3,000,000 points or more.
*Note: if you need tokens here, go to the Bumper Car game (lots of tokens in about a minute)


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