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how to beat night watch island on poptropica

1) There is a line of customers who are waiting overnight for a gizmo due to be sold the next day, but this does not have any bearing on the quest. The doors and security entrance are locked. Continue past them and go right to the Parking Lot.
2) Talk to Gus the security guard, who has been let go because he reported too many unconfirmed alerts. Go farther right and a store owner will suggest you apply for the watchman job.

3) Go to the security door and enter to talk to the mall manager, who will give you a memory test. The 5 things that change in the photo are 1) Dr. Hare image on board 2) color of first belt changes 3) red shirt loses star 4) pants on floor moved 5) disco ball becomes normal light.
4) The mall manager will escort you on a brief test of your suitability. You ride on a Segway Transporter. Interact with the robots and chase down the robot thief. You will receive a Security Badge.
5) Head left to the security office in the food court.
*There is no map item provided except in the security office, but most of the quest involves going door-to-door or to specific stores. You can see store lists in the West (left) and East (right) wings. You can investigate the stores, but most of the time you will receive an alert when you go back into the center atrium area.

Left wing
: Printfax, Giuseppe (3rd floor) In the Now, No Pain No Gain (2nd), Crawl Mart, Jolly Gifts (1st)
Atrium : Security office (1st floor), Manager's office (2nd)
Right wing : MacGuffin's, Good Deals, Carnival Costumes (3rd floor), Slugger's Keepsakes, Slumber Town (2nd) empty store, Sizzle (1st)

6) Respond to an alert at MacGuffin's (3rd floor right). Enter and jump onto the chair where the ringing sound is coming from. You recover Gus's lost Smart Phone, which is linked to security cameras in the mall. He will walk you through its use. Pan the camera view to the right to see the Quick Charger, which was the new Mystery Device.
7) As you leave, the phone icon (upper right) signals another alert. Use the camera to view Slugger's Keepsakes (one floor below you). Go there and enter.
8) Click the fallen helmet and you are prompted to call the store owner on your phone. He asks you to check on a valuable card in his hidden safe (behind the "champ" stand). The combination is 6723. Click to take the card out, then put it back after you talk to the owner again.
9) As you leave the right wing, you receive a phone alert from Giuseppe's Toys in the left wing (3rd floor). Cross the atrium and go there.

10) In the toy store, you will pick up a toy bird, and then a toy robot, which was likely causing the alarm as it walked around.
11) As you leave to enter the atrium, you receive an alert from the Sizzle Tanning Salon (right wing, first floor).

12) At the closed salon, you find that a customer is still in a tanning bed, but you leave her to finish her tan (she is in their earlier but you can't look inside).
13) As you leave, an alert comes in from Good Deals, but as you view the store on your phone, the camera goes dark. Go to the third floor to check on it.
14) There is nothing there except some movement in the shadows. The lights are turning on and off in response to your movement near the video camera at the register.
15) As you head back into the atrium, an alert comes in from Crawl Mart (the pet store). On the security feed, you can see the coral snake is missing from his glass case. Call the store owner and he asks you to see if the snake is just hiding.

16) At Crawl Mart, the snake is actually loose, and the owner advises you to find him and lure him with his favorite snack, a bird. Fortunately you can fool the snake with the robot bird, if you can catch him.
17) Leave the store and you will see the snake. Follow him across the atrium to the right wing.

18) The first place to find the snake is MacGuffin's (3rd floor). You see him through the door. Inside, you find him in a "pocket-sized porta-potty" but he escapes.
19) Go to Sizzle on the ground floor, where he is hiding in a tanning bed.
20) He escapes again, into the atrium where you find him at the Chinese Food stand. Use the robot bird. He will swallow it and slither off. The pet store owner calls and says he will find him in the morning.
21) Leave the atrium and an alert comes in from Carnival Costumes. But, as with Good Deals earlier (right next door), the camera signal is lost. When you go to investigate, a masked thief knocks you down and runs out. Gus calls and says you should go to MacGuffin's on the opposite side and wait for the thief there.
22) In MacGuffin's hide next to the Quick Charger device (right side) and wait for the thief to show up. When he does, he makes a break but drops some keys labeled "back room." But it does not fit the door at the far left.
23) Go next door to Good Deals. Set down the toy robot to keep the lights up while you try the door. The key fits.
24) Inside, you find a rental application for the empty store that is under construction on the ground floor. Gus calls and says that the odd noises started shortly after the PrintFax owner began work on the new store. Head to Printfax (3rd floor, left) to investigate.

25) As you arrive, the thief runs you down in a Security cart and escapes. Gus suggests you go to the Mall Manager's office and get the spare scooter. He sends you a list of possible security codes.
26) Cross atrium and enter the manager's office. The password is "frost." (You could spend a few tries trying to guess it.) But the scooter isn't charged. Leave the office and go to MacGuffin's to get a Quick Charger.
27) Ride over to the left side of the atrium and up the escalator. The thief will drive past you going down. Chase him and he crashes at the fountain. But the driver is just one of the test dummies that the mall uses.
28) Meanwhile, Eddie the coral snake pops up and rides off on your scooter!
29) Head back to PrintFax to see if there are more clues. On the copy machine, you can call up the last scan done, which turns out to be a copy of a Honus Wagner baseball card identical to the one at Slugger's. Go back there.

30) Inside Slugger's, you find that the safe has been removed from below. But you can't enter the locked empty store. Gus suggests a blowtorch that is hidden in the manager's office behind the painting.
31) Go to the manager's office, retrieve the blowtorch, and use it to cut the padlock on the door.

32) You surprise the thief who is switching the cards, but he flees up a ladder into the vents around the machinery room of the mall, beneath the escalators.
*There is no exit from the game now except to catch the thief.
33) When you follow, he shuts the red bars to block you. Equip the blowtorch again to cut through them, then follow him up the ladder and right through "Ventilation B" ducts . When he traps you under the escalator, cut your way through again.
34) You catch him in the fan room, but he knocks you away. To bump him from his perch, go right into the Vent B ducts (the way you just came up) and cut through the brown bars into the machinery spaces. Use the blowtorch to disable the Vent A "A/C" control. Climb back up, over the escalator gears again, and down into the fan room. Now ride the updraft on the left side and enter the duct there. You will catch him before he blocks your path again with some containers.
35) Detour left through the brown bars to the adjacent dark ladder marked Vent B. [You are supposed to torch the Vent A "A/C" control in the passage, but you may not have to. It was designed to keep you out of the shaft.] Climb up to him again. He flees, but falls and drops the card. You grab it, and you both plunge through the vent cover into the atrium fountain.
36) Just as it appears he will escape with the card, he is run down by Eddie the snake riding your scooter. Gus arrives with the police and the card store owner gives you the Island Medallion.

The quest is to recover 9 missing Sports Cards with Olympics athletes of the 1960s. In order to get the one that is in the atrium where you are, you have to leave and come back.
  1. Slumber Town - Card is next to the sign above the Sleeping Masks display
  2. Sizzle - On the first pod, click the adjustment lever to a lower heat and click the bed and the card will emerge.
  3. Atrium sculpture - Card is up on the giant Saturn.
  4. Space Time Pizza - Click the piles of dough. Card is behind the right side pile, click quickly when it is in the air.
  5. In The Now - Release card by clicking on large center speaker just right of stage.
  6. No Pain No Gain - Card is above the clothes at far right. To knock it down, load the baseball thrower and get a bat from the rack. Stand by the price sign ($7999) and press the space bar to swing.
  7. Jolly Gifts - Card is inside an exploding confetti can by the register.
  8. Crawl Mart - Card is in the piranha tank. Click so that it rises to the top between fish.
  9. Outside Mall - on the mall dome

The reward is an "Old Time Baseball Uniform."
- As in "Mystery Train" there is *no way* to leave the vents without winning!
- Error in Bonus Quest: the cards are mostly US Olympians or athletes, not Canadian, and shown wearing the wrong types of sports gear. You can play the card swap game in Slugger's.
- Odd and unwelcome inclusion: the stupid "lights off, lights on" effects
- A plethora of costumes in two stores (Carnival Costumes and In the Now) actually overtax the graphics to the point of not functioning. Avatars may appear in their underwear.
- [Glitch] : after winning, you can "go up" from the card store and play the same chase over again! Although it ends the same, with you and the thief falling out into the atrium, only you land.


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