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how to finish super power island on poptropica

The following sequence will take you through the necessary steps on Super Power Island :
  1. Arrive at the island. You can swim out left to the County Prison, where a huge green meteor has hit the building. But the guards will not let "civilians" onto the premises. (you have to be a superhero)
  2. Go to the Comic Book store. The owner is Ned Noodlehead, a superhero fan. He will give you a copy of his "Superhero Handbook" which has some clues to solving the game.
  3. Go to the "Masks and Capes" costume shop and talk to the owner. He will give you an "Official Superhero ID" card, which keeps track of your progress in catching Super-Villains.
  4. Go to the right in the store to find various Superhero Costumes and put one on if you like.
  5. You don't have to climb up the Daily Paper building to see the real Superhero on the roof (he's there, tired). He can tell you how to gain a super-power but wants you to prove yourself worthy by catching 5 criminals using only your wits.
  6. Now go to the Prison and they will treat you as a colleague. The meteor is interesting but of no value. The warden will explain that the 6 criminals have escaped and now have Super-Powers. He will give you their files, which list the villains' names and some insight on how to beat them. The prison scientist will give you special glowing "anti-power handcuffs" with which to subdue the criminals once you apprehend them.
  7. NOTE : you can save a little time by playing steps 8 to 12 here in reverse order (Crusher first, CopyCat last), but its not much shorter.
  8. Go right to the Bank, where you will find that Copycat has broken into the bank vault. When you attempt to stop her, she splits into 10 copies of herself (one is the real one) and runs off after setting off a smoke bomb to hinder your pursuit. You have to "tag" each of her forms before the smoke fills the bank. *** Key to beating CopyCat *** There will be 5 copies downstairs and 5 upstairs, and you have to take the elevator (slow). Catch the first copy on the light above the bank vault door before pursuing the others - hit one copy on the ledge to hop up. Then hit the next 2 first- floor copies, and NOW push the call button for the elevator. While it is coming, jump on the counter, then up to the overhead light to tag the 5th copy. Take the elevator upstairs and leap out before it reaches the second floor. 4 more copies can be tagged, then kayo the last one, the real Copycat. Handcuff her and you will be transported back to the Prison. You will receive a sticker on your ID saying you've beaten her.
  9. Go back right again. You can pass up the skyscraper because you cannot pursue Betty Jetty without being able to fly. Go to the Subway, where Speeding Spike has hijacked a subway train. *** Key to beating Speeding Spike *** He will run into you and knock you around. But if you jump over him enough for him to get mad and "blow his top", he can't control where he stops. When you see him red-faced, have him running toward you to the left, into the other subway cars. Jump over him and he will end up in the next car. Repeat this until he hits the wet floor and slips. Handcuff him. You will be back at the Prison to get another sticker.
  10. Go back right again, to City Park. (Pick up a hot dog from the vendor.) Sir Rebral is using his new mind power to wreck the statues there, and will hit you with rocks. *** Key to beating Sir Rebral *** If jump near him when the rocks are flying he will hit himself and get mad. Then he will attack you with huge wedges of the ground, which are pulled up to hit you. There is a large, loose rock on the ground by the restroom, and you can place it so that it hits Sir Rebral when the ground pops it up. (The best place is a little to the right of directly under him.) Cuff him for your 3rd sticker.
  11. Go back right, to the Restroom at City Park. You will go down into the sewer where Ratman is hiding with his pet rats and stinging flies. Go left and find the red water-control wheel. This will lower the water until you can see another red wheel, to the right, which will raise the level again. Now you can swim over to the left side where the Sewer Door is. Entering the sewer, go on the right side and jump over the biting rats to find the red wheel that drains sludge onto Ratman. *** Key to beating Ratman *** First jump past the rats and douse him using the wheel. Then avoid the flies to get back to him to cuff him. You get your 4th sticker at the Prison.
  12. Go all the way right to the Junkyard. Crusher is pounding the ground, and throwing barrels. ***Key to beating Crusher *** The pounding knocks you down, so you have to jump up on a regular time interval. Work your way right, then left until you reach the lower barrel. From there you can jump over Crusher and climb up to the cab of the Magnetic Crane. The first time, you shut it off using the switch. This drops the fridge on Crusher and he starts throwing barrels. Repeat your earlier jumping and avoid the barrels when he throws them. The second time you turn the magnet back on : it draws the metal plate he's standing on and "flattens" him. Cuff him and get your 5th sticker.
  13. If you go past the telephone booth, you will see that the phone is ringing. Before you answer, you can go to the top of the Daily Paper building to see the superhero. But you don't have to : answer the phone and you receive your Super Flying Power! (it doesn't work on other islands, or on the "ad spaces")
  14. Go right to the cordoned-off skyscraper. Fly to the highest ledge and go up. ***Key to beating Betty Jetty*** Don't get hit with her power-stealing energy balls. After 5 hits you will fall, and have to start the pursuit over. When you get close enough (after about six groups of balls), knock her from the sky. She is not defeated yet! But Ned Noodlehead "saves the day", and gets your Medallion!
  15. Go to confront Ned at the comic book store. He might be hungry. Offer him your Hot Dog.
NOTES : You cannot catch crooks without getting an ID and the handcuffs/files. You cannot get a costume without an ID, but you can get an ID and not a costume. If you turn the water wheel right next to the Sewer Door, it will get too deep, so don't do that. The game seems to have gotten a bit mixed up, because you can answer the phone without ever talking to the Superhero.

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